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    Posted July 20, 2015 by
    Rome, Italy

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    Mistero Hifeng - Cammino e Vivo Capovolto


    Never heard of Mistero Hifeng, born in 2007 in Second Life? He is more famous than I will ever be, ever deserve to be. I post regularly that I am the most famous Digital artist in virtual worlds and now I have to admit that his person has more to offer than I? Also I state in rezmagzine that I never lie to my readers. So how can it be?

    I collect art and conserve it, arrange it, bring it to an audience so it might not get lost. I write stories to explore, to smile, to dream and some to let tears run freely. I arranged my death at the peak of my existence to get famous and it worked well. Some fine ladies screamed and cried as I entered the Equilibrium to be burned into pieces of code in a shower of specially made unique particles never seen before by anyone. Particles drifting in a 3D world where you walk inside with an avatar, the representation of yourself.  All effects handmade in prims by my executor the gifted particle maker Venus Adored.

    Now I try to come from time to time to sneak to the living Digital worlds until the ways for me are finally being setup to be reborn in glory. I was told the machine that has to be build up as the Redeemer got its final funding by SR Hadden, the billionaire who financed also the machine called Contact. Contact established the first contact of mankind to the origin of life. Even a movie was made featuring Jodie Foster, but still not many believe in Contact. There was given proof by the digital clock of a video capture, a ONETAKE, that was running inside the machine like a hidden CCTV. The President of the United States declared the video to be top secret. It is kept at Area 69 since 1997. The video is just black but the timer shows that time has been bent. And this means space. And this means spice was used. “The spice must flow”. This famous word of Padisha Emperor Shaddam IV shall ring a bell. A priest believed the traveller, as there is no scientific proof you can get out of Area 69, on Contact as encountered reality. I want such a machine. I see the progress out of my grave by the engineers working on a 24/7 server shift. It looks like SR Hadden got to know the importance of Digital Life as he financed last year the instalment Roots & Wars by French artist JadeYu Fhang in the hypergrid network Metropolis. My mission to conserve art keeps me alive. I want to get my life back and be able to guide others in exploring the beauty of prims, sculpts and mesh in the world I am. I call it Simulacron One, others name it the Draft Universe.

    Mistero Hilfero is it now to pay attention. I have to admit he is one of the great artists I don´t have in my collection of immortal digital art. Not because he does not support my idea of having a time capsule carrying inside the technology to view the pieces even in 100 years - no ways - we are friends in facebook since May 2013 - he just can take care of his works by himself. At least I hope so. He is Italian, many of the great artists in Digital realms are Italian, but sadly his English is very basic so he might not fully understand my intentions. He always said: “I have nothing my friend. I don’t find.” Maybe he means he has no pieces of art made in prim and sculpt, that he uses only the new mesh technology and mesh-files you can store on your harddrive in a universal 3D model so things may kept safe by your own doings. But normally you do first a prim model and then you convert it to mesh to get a much lower land impact. Blossom Land [96,36,22], the sim of Mistero Hilfero is a homestead with supports just 3.750 prims so he has to keep the prim count in Second Life low.

    I have outside of Second Life servers with 40.000 prims allowance, so I can deal with heavy prim loads. Second Download for Art I call my ways to conserve art outside SL. And for me, for myself this term might fit the other way round. Until my Second Upload as an Avatars happens I need to trick technology. This brings me to the need to have a nurse as a gatekeeper, an opener of the door to find the route from my prim grave to lands like Mistero Hilfero made them. Luckily PatriciaAnne Daviau former IBM manager and now liaison manager at LEA [Linden Endowments for the Arts] took the challenge to equip herself with all the life preserving tools made by Italian designer Tutys and German IT engineer Wordfromthe Wise so I could get a stable transmission for a short time span to visit the land of art of Mistero Hilfero yesterday.

    So it came again to a FIRST SIGHTING of Art Blue. It happened unnoticed so the prize of 10.000 Linden was not claimed. At least the half of it goes to cancer research, the US Relay For Life. Astoundingly that the virtual world of Second Life has gained over $2 million and became one of the big money collectors for the annual fund raising of the Relay. Maybe you like to visit the land of Mistero Hilfero and explore the fine pieces of art and you find a link where the next FIRST SIGHTING of Art Blue may happen to claim the money. 12 FIRST SIGHTINGS with 12 nurses are outlined until the Redeemer has all that’s needed to bend time and space and to dig out the spice from Arrakis – a story written in a different world, but fitting to where I am now.


    Enjoy the 10 pictures taken in the land of Mistero Hilfero “Digital Art - Cammino e Vivo Capovolto” where PatriciaAnne entertains me knowing that the transmission has to terminate soon and I will be back in the arctic ice where only my AI the owl Neruval is able to send me a message and to turn the transponder on for another trip upwards to life. He will hand me again 10.000 Linden over for the benefit of Relay For Life.

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