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    C. Nathaniel Brown: Inspiring People to "Shift" into a Better Life!


    Written By Charron Monaye (www.penlegacy.com)



    A multi-talented and multi-faceted entrepreneur, he has made his mark in such fields as entertainment, publishing, photography, and inspirational and motivational speaking. As an award-winning writer, director, and producer based in Atlanta, Georgia, he founded and heads Expected End Entertainment, an umbrella company that specializes in providing entertainment, education, and empowerment through television, radio, internet, and film programming. The company also houses writing and editing services, and publishing under the EX3 Books division.


    Born and raised in a low-income Baltimore home to a single mother of two boys, Chuck never stopped dreaming of success. At an early age, he told his mother that one day he’d become a successful writer and help other people achieve their dreams. After graduating Dunbar High School in Baltimore, he went on to pursue his undergraduate studies at Denison University in Granville, Ohio, where he earned a degree in Black Studies with a writing emphasis. He then became a journalism fellow at Ohio University’s E.W. Scripps School of Journalism, where he honed his craft as a reporter. He went on to spend the next 20 year as a journalist working as a writer, editor, publisher, and photographer with publications in Ohio, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and various online publications. He also founded and published Glad Tidings, a Christian lifestyle magazine. As a writer, his works have appeared in such publications as USA Today, The New York Times, and The Atlanta Journal Constitution. He has seven published books.


    When he is not eating pizza and Crunchberries, he enjoys watching and playing sports, spending time with family and friends, or helping with one of the humanitarian causes he supports, including eradicating homelessness and bring awareness to issues such as domestic violence, sex trafficking, and mental health. He resides in Atlanta with Tarai Alexander, his wife of 20 years.


    What separates you from others within the literacy industry?

    Two things separate me from others in the literary industry: my unique story and my desire to help others share their unique stories. Because I primarily write nonfiction books that purpose to inspire and motivate, I draw from the depths of experiences that range from positive and uplifting to having to deal with hurts, pains, insecurities, and the like because that’s where many people are right now. They want to know how to get to that place of peace and contentment. They want hope and an example. So I share that through my authentic journey. On the flipside, I have a personal goal of helping 10,000 writers get published. I believe that everyone has a story to tell and with the right help many will.


    What do you feel has been the reason why you waited so long to promote your writings?

    I’ve always promoted my writings. However, several of my eight books have been done on a limited basis, within circle circles. For example, my book, Xs, Os, and Ws: Inspirational Stories from Successful Basketball Coaches, was marketed and promoted specifically to coaches and players. My collections of poems and short stories were promoted around open mic night events and through social media. My recent books, The Shift Series, has a much larger target audience because so many people stand in need of the life and success principles outlined in those pages. Our society needs help. We need hope. So I was able to write something that I believe will change the course of history for millions of people. I believe now is the time for the world to receive Shift!


    I noticed that your books all share the same thing, Shift Happens Then You Live! What made you focus on this topic and what methods or tactics are you teaching people?

    In June, I released two books, Shift Happens Then You Live: Take Control of Your Life and Win, and Shift Happens Then You Live: The 30-Day Prayer Companion, which are the first two books in The Shift Series, a collection of self-help and empowerment books designed to help people discover who they are, embrace their process, and build a pattern of success so that they can live the life they’ve dreamt of. Although a couple of my earlier books touch on similar themes, these are the only two that carry that name. In Shift Happens Then You Live, I teach proven principles


    Where do you see yourself in the competition of your industry?

    Competition makes you stronger. If I am to be successful (meaning reaching the goals I set for myself) in an industry that can be classified as oversaturated, I have to have a unique voice, an authentic story, and offer solutions to my target audience’s problems. I heard someone say that you have to be first, you have to be the best, or you have to be different. So I plan to be all three through writing, speaking, coaching, publishing and filmmaking. I have a unique opportunity to share stories across various media and entertainment platforms. There are not many in our industry who can do that.


    What do you do when you are not working?

    If you ask members of Team EX3, they will tell you that I am always working. When you enjoy who you are and what you do, it doesn’t feel like work. I am in the business of storytelling. I am in the business of providing inspiration, motivation, transformation, and empowerment. I love what I do and the people whose lives I impact. But I also enjoy my pepperoni pizza and Crunchberries, which I often eat while working. In my spare time, I also enjoy spending time with family and friends, watching and playing sports, baking some of my world famous sweet potato pie, and traveling.


    Being a writer, filmmaker, author, father, and husband…. Which role do you feel is the most challenging? And why?

    I’ve been a writer the longest so I would say that is the least challenging. I’ve learned my strengths and weaknesses and operate primarily in my areas of gifting there. And with all of them, I’ve had my share of challenges as I matured. But if you threatened to withhold pizza if I didn’t pick one, I would say being a husband has been the most challenging. I didn’t have a good example of a husband in my family or my community that I could look to and model. So I learned a lot on the fly and relied on being a team with my wife to learn how to be successful in that area. Twenty years later, despite bumps and bruises, we’re still standing. Like everything, I continue to work on perfecting that role and making sure my queen is happy.


    Would you say that you failed your way to success? How has your failure affected your life, mindset, and motivation to pursue your dream?

    Thomas Edison is one of my favorite historical figures that I talk about in a couple of my books. He was asked, “How did it feel to fail so many times before finding the correct filament for the lightbulb.” He said he never failed once; it was simply a 2,000-step process (some versions say a 10,000-step). And that was only one of the nearly 2,000 inventions he’s credited with patenting. Failure is a stepping stone to success if you have the right mindset and never abandon your process. I speak openly about my failures in my writing and during speaking engagements because people have to understand that they are no different. I’ve kept hundreds of rejection letters from publishers. I’ve had businesses fail as I was trying to find my niche. I allowed haters and naysayers to talk me into quitting during various stages of my processes. But when I discovered who I was, what my purpose was, and what failure’s role in my process was, I used it to catapult me into the exact place I needed to be. That came with a cost, including losing jobs, money, family and friends, and even some peace. But that was the beginning of finding my happy place and being able to share my failures along with my successes to help others live victoriously.


    What events do you have coming up? How can people reach you?


    I completed stops in Atlanta, Baltimore, and Pittsburgh for The Shift Tour. We are adding dates in cities such as Charlotte, Detroit, Chicago, and New York in upcoming months. We are working on partnering with organizations in those and other cities to continue the humanitarian efforts like food drives and domestic violence awareness. At EX3 Books, we also have several writers who will be releasing books this summer and fall. And at least twice a month, we hosts seminars, webinars, or teleconference in the quest to help 10,000 writers get publish. People can reach out to me on social media @cnathanielbrown or my website www.cnathanielbrown.com, which also has the social media links. They can also find more information about EX3 Books at www.EX3Books.com.

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