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    Posted July 23, 2015 by
    New Jersey

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    Driving LESSONS

    Laura should be happy she hit my car!

    I believe that there are no accidents in the universe but I was in one just the other day.

    The long red light, the car in front of me on an innocent sunny day, 5 minutes away from the center where I do volunteer work.


    I was hit and by the grace of God I never hit the car in front of me.

    Yet, my belief system tells me that there had to be a reason.

    I was at a dead stop, I was enjoying the music, the sunshine, the beauty of the day. If I did not cause this, then why?

    Sometimes the lesson isn’t always about YOU, so who was it for?

    Did you know that the huge tsunami, off the shore of a beautiful holiday resort was no accident to 3 people: 2 Americans and 1 Danish women? They had terrible dreams, and thoughts of something terrible happening on that trip. Yet, they went, like we all do, just thinking this is all “in our heads” which, by the way, IT IS.

    Your thoughts are your navigation system. And sometimes it’s your built in intuition. The 3 families the tsunami affected and others who were there, who experienced it, actually formed a group. Months later they formed a foundation, they organized and built retaining walls around the schools in that area to protect the children if ever another natural disaster occurred.

    Every year many of the survivors gather there because part of their life story is intertwined with this tragedy. Yet, the outcome of their actions, of the lesson learned will protect innumerous future lives.

    Was it an accident? When “Laura” (name change) and I pulled into the parking lot next to where the light was I got out to assess the damage (which was basically a fender bender). Her car, which was old and small, looked a bit like crumpled paper. She jumped out, with phone in hand so frightened (I think she thought I was going to explode) and apologized profusely.

    I was very calm, told her to calm down, and asked if she was hurt, she started to tremble when she asked if I was OK. We were… She told me she wasn’t paying attention…the fact that her phone was attached to her palm it did not take a forensics detective to figure out her attention was elsewhere. I called the police, she called her Dad. It wasn’t hard to hear him from 15 feet away. Police came, we did the whole report thing, and I reminded her that I would be contacting her insurance company to cover the cost of an accident she caused. She was still apologizing… I told her to stop and just learn from this. The cop and I both knew texting had to be involved, he said lately that is the number 1 reason for accidents caused by that age group.

    My age group is starting to drive with eyes glued to the road, clutching the wheel and wondering “Why the hell is everyone driving over the speed limit!!!!”

    Laura had just turned 21…her entire life ahead of her, all her dreams, hopes and wishes lying ahead of her...one by one. Now what if Laura were on the turnpike? If Laura looked down at her phone quickly check out the new message that pinged as she was doing 70 mph?????

    Those hopes and dreams strewn in front of her: Laura missed her graduation. Laura will never know the sense of accomplishment that comes when you land your first REAL job. Laura will miss happy hour on Friday nights with all her new co-workers. Laura will never get to know REAL love. Laura will never decorate her first REAL apartment. Laura will never get to see the smile in her parents’ eyes every time they visit her, because Laura will always be their little girl. Laura will never feel the heartache of burying them, but having had the honor of being their child. Laura will never have the opportunity to have a child of her own. Laura will never grow old and know the beauty of a life well lived.

    What about her parents? And WHAT IF it wasn’t today. It wasn’t me...it wasn’t minor? What if it was all over? Laura’s parents…that moment when the doorbell rings. When the police tell you what hospital she ended up in. Trying to stay calm till you get to her room and there is your little girl hooked up to 7 machines. When the doctor gently tells you “there is no hope,” When your heart is already in a million pieces all over the hospital floor and they ask you if you could please donate her organs and you say yes…because in some way Laura will still be alive. You leave shadows of the people you were this morning when she borrowed your car to go to her summer job. When you wished she totaled it and walked out unscathed. You wouldn’t yell at her, you wouldn’t give a shit about that car.

    Laura…about your parents???… Well, they died inside... The same day you died. And that text you sent to work to tell them there was traffic and you were running late. Well… they got it...they were pissed… But then they got the tragic news but business went on without you Laura. They stayed open, the office was somber but they are still in business.

    And right now someone is texting her BFF while driving….pray that there is another Carol. Stopped at a red light on Main Street wherever you are...… And it is only a fender bender.

    Yes. TODAY there was an accident. But it wasn’t an “accident” I saved Laura’s future self. God/Universal power/Source used me to save it. I thanked God today for doing that. Today was a good day… I bet Laura doesn’t think the same thing…but maybe. Just maybe. Someday she will.
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