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    Posted July 24, 2015 by
    Austin, Texas

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    The perfect oil for Alzheimer’s patients?

    Dear reader,

    Your brain is a large energy consumer. Its main fuel is glucose (sugar).

    Without this fuel, not only your brain cells, called neurons, cease to function but they begin to wither and die.

    If they die in large amounts, you lose your brain’s capacity to function properly. This is what happens to people with Alzheimer’s. When you look at their brains with a scanner, you see holes everywhere, even more so as the disease progresses.

    Then, of course, a patient affected by Alzheimer’s disease loses memory, thinking ability, increasingly behaves strangely and inconsistently, and eventually lose all normal abilities, even getting dressed, eating, or go to the toilet.

    Researchers now believe that, in Alzheimer’s patients, brain cells are becoming unable to absorb glucose, without knowing exactly why. This would explain that neurons stop functioning and die massively. They are deprived of fuel.

    Alzheimer’s, or “type 3 diabetes”

    Alzheimer’s mechanism would be similar to that of diabetes.

    In diabetes, our body’s cells don’t properly absorb glucose from the blood, leading to a dangerously rise in blood sugar (glucose) and causing all kinds of damage in our body. In diabetes’ case the problem is related to insulin, the hormone produced by our pancreas which helps to “open the cells’ doors to glucose”.

    In fact, cells alone don’t know how to absorb glucose. They need insulin to allow glucose to pass through cells’ walls to be used as fuel by the little “power plants” called mitochondria.

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