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    Getting to Know More of Gestational Diabetes


    Gestational diabetes, have you ever  heard of it? There are many kinds of diseases caused by our bad habits  and bad life style. We might not get the effects of unhealthy life style  anytime soon. However, along with the time goes by, ready or not, our  body will feel the changes. It might not in significant changes, but bit  by bit, our health is lacking. We might eat delicious foods in every  meeting. But, are you sure they are the healthy ones? We might always  have fruit punch and less alcohol beverage in every party or gathering.  But, are you sure it is beneficial to your health? Let’s read along and  get some enlightenment on the disease mentioned earlier.


    What gestational diabetes is, the causes and the symptoms


    Before  discussing further on the causes, you might need to know what exactly  gestational diabetes is. This disease only happens when a woman is  pregnant, but the baby can still be healthy if she obeys all doctors’  advices to control blood sugar. The good news is, you might be free from  diabetes after your baby is born. This kind of diabetes may make you to  have type 2 diabetes, but there is only tiny possibility. So, what  causes this diabetes? Hormone changes during pregnancy.


    Certain  hormone changes may cause sugar to be built up in blood. Usually in many  cases, pregnant women’s pancreases are able to create enough insulin to  handle this, so diabetes will not happen. But, you are at risk when you  are overweight, having certain mixed blood of American-African, Native  American, Hispanic, or Asian. You are likely to have this kind of  diabetes also if in your family runs diabetic disease or you had this  disease before. The symptoms, unfortunately, are not identified in most  pregnant women. So, it is good if you see your doctor for general  check-up before you decide to get pregnant.


    This kind of  diabetes is likely occurring during the last trimester. So, you need to  be extra careful in this pregnancy phases. You may see endocrinologist,  certified dietitian or other specialist in diabetes to be more  convinced. These professional will surely be able to help you in  controlling blood sugar during pregnancy to keep your baby stay healthy  and make you always in good condition.


    Diet for gestational diabetes


    If  you have this kind of diabetes, your doctor usually recommend you to do  certain diet. Remember; do not adapt any diet tips from any source  without consulting it first with your health provider. The case is a bit  different if you are already overweighting before pregnant.  Professional will suggest you to monitor and control your calorie  intake. Light exercise might also be needed. So you should do swimming  or walking each day.


    You may take a walk in the park or other  interesting place to get sweat of you see swimming is too risky. You  need to do special diet guide to enable you choosing which foods should  be consume, and which ones are forbidden. How much you should eat and  how often are other things you must know. Study also about simple and  complex carbohydrate (carbs). The simple carbs are usually seen as the  bad one. But do not conclude that soon. One needs simple carbs also,  such as grains, pasta, bread and rice as well as potatoes. For the  grain, try to have the variety of whole grains, because they are rich in  fiber. Something useful for your digestion. But if you have the kind of  diabetes that happens during pregnancy only, you should choose complex  carbs. Fruits, yoghurt and milk can be a good foods combination.


    It  is suggested that you have low GI foods to deal with your diabetes,  such as sweet corn, pasta (made from wheat flour), porridge, orange,  apple, beans, pears, lentil and peach. During pregnancy, if you have  diabetes, try to avoid bread, potatoes (baked), white rice and  cornflakes. If you usually skip breakfasts, starting from tomorrow, have  a good one, since breakfast helps you to maintain the level of your  blood sugar. Consuming porridge is a good idea. This meal helps you  release slowly your energy. Study more on healthy foods, do routine  health check up and beware of this gestational diabetes.

    SOURCE : http://datadiabetes.com/

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