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    Tyressa Ty: A Woman Making "Mass" Movement


    How do you get your pen to properly ink an article that shares the mission of Tyressa, which is “to motivate, cultivate, inspire, educate, and entertain”. Now, this woman is not just walking the walk or talking the talk, she has the education, experience, and personality to match. I have yet to meet this woman personally, but after following her movement on social media, I knew I needed to introduce her to my family.


    What were some of the failures that you had to overcome in order to be Tyressa Ty?


    People didn’t always understand my bigger than life personality, as I was always chatty, unique and a busy body!! I was often compared to my older sister who has a different personality and learning style than I do. I wasn't accepted much by my teachers. I was told I wasn’t college material by my school counselor.

    Throughout my childhood, I suffered from Dyslexia and Attention Deficiency Disorder. These were learning disabilities that were misdiagnosed. I was labeled as a lazy student who just didn’t pay attention. No one understood my frustration, which would cause me to lash out and become rebellious. I also made a lot of poor decisions trying to fit in a world where I was meant to stand out! Because of my behavior no one thought I’d ever succeed at anything. My family often told me that my mouth would get me in a world of trouble.  I avoided trouble, but my mouth did offer me the opportunity to travel the world, and not only did I complete college, but I’ve obtained three degrees!

    As an adult and becoming a young single mom, my challenges seemed to grow with age, but so did my wisdom and decision-making skills. It was my experience as a hurricane Katrina survivor that changed my entire perspective on life and love for God! Nevertheless, life didn't give me a break even after recovering from that, the challenges still came.  After the hurricane and relocating, I found myself unemployed on food stamps, Medicaid and facing foreclosure on my home.  I was at my lowest point but didn’t realize the blessing God had up the road. Months later I became "Tyressa Ty.” I used my big voice and over the top personality to create a different life for my son and me. What I thought was a failure turned out to be my fate.

    What do you see being your ultimate purpose in life?

    My ultimate purpose in this life is to awaken the human senses!  Provide the feeling of hope, faith and sometimes just to make people laugh and feel good about themselves and life. My motto is to inspire, motivate, cultivate, educate, entertain and mesmerize my audience! To leave them feeling fired up; the motivation to feel confident that they can be anything, overcome anything and obtain anything they desire!!! To share God’s promises and use my life experiences to confirm his power. My goal is to give them the ultimate experience that will ignite a mustard seed faith to fulfill their purpose.


    After reading your biography, I learned that your areas of expertise are Media, Sales & Marketing, and Public Relations, why did you pursue a career within these industries?

    I was asked by my grandmother as a young child, what I wanted to be when I grow up, I said I wanted to talk or dance. Once my mother and grandmother confirmed that I would be going to college despite the expectations, I then learned that I could get a degree in talking…..Mass Communication.  It was this formal training that enhanced my ability as a freelance reporter. I’ve had the opportunity to interview celebrities such as Sheryl Underwood, Bobby Brown, Matthew Knowles, and Kim Burrell. I’ve hosted on stage with the legendary Frankie Beverly and Maze, Charlie Wilson and Mary Mary just to name a few. Once I got a feel for the stage, there was no stopping me.

    Now I hear that you are a “highly sought after entertainment host and keynote speaker”. What makes you stand out in the crowd?

    The thing that makes me stand out as a Media Specialist is my unique yet genuine approach. I’m professional but t fun!!! I’m radical yet poised. I grew up poor yet I’ve experienced the finer things in life so I can relate to anyone. My grandmother was a housekeeper for a wonderful white family, so I became very diverse at a young age. I’ve been bullied, laughed at, counted out, and was a young single, divorced mother. My past and present has created a person that can build up, and break through any personality, situation, race or culture. People are drawn to my humility, realness and love for God. They love that I love God yet I can have fun! I have the ability to bring them on whatever ride I’m responsible for and leave them feeling different than how they arrived in a positive way. I engage my audience, take pictures and leave them wanting more!!! I also practice and study the artist of the event I’m managing. I never feel as though I’m too great just to show up without preparation.


    What is one of challenges that you as an entrepreneur had to face and get through in order to get your name in the limelight?

    My greatest challenge was convincing people to give me an opportunity. I wasn’t on the radio or a TV show like most professional emcee/host. Especially in a rural city like Louisiana, they felt you had to be attached to a local media outlet to be accepted by the audience. It’s still a challenge for many in my home state. However, I have consistently secured events all over the country.


    What advice would you give someone who is looking to enter the field of Media or Public Relations?

    My advice would be to anyone pursuing a career in media and entertainment is to make sure it’s their gift and passion first! This isn’t an easy field to break into; it takes a lot of persistence and determination. Rejection isn’t easy, but it comes with the territory. It can be very emotional, stressful and disappointing, so it’s important to have a strong support system and prayer life. A very important factor is not to sacrifice they’re ethics, morals, or character for any opportunity. Lastly, in this industry he or she must be aggressive and don’t be stopped by No’s, practice to be perfect and never give up!!!      


    Looking back over your life, what would you change about your journey and why?

    I don’t know if I would change anything. It’s been extremely tough, but every trial, heartbreak, disappointment, and door slammed in my face helped to cultivate and motivate me into who I am today….it made me resilient!!


    How can people support and contact you?

    People can support me by following me on social media and providing love and feedback. They can also support me by securing me for events or referring me to others!!! I provide an array of services that are my God given talents and areas I have experience and formal education or certifications. For the ultimate experience, they can book me at Tyressaty@gmail.com, IG, Twitter and Facebook.


    Booking - TyressaTy@gmail.com



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