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    PrincessTiera: Using Her Pen to Express her Freedom


    Imagine a dynamic combination of unique beauty, pure talent, ruthless ambition, and a dedication to success that can only be classified as extreme passion highlighted by the natural strength of a woman. I was blessed to meet this woman on the “Real Recognize Real” radio show hosted by Franchella Simmons and La’Cinda Trotter. We both were being interviewed that day and it wasn’t until after listening to her story and her newest song “I Got That”, did I realize that I needed to spotlight her during my Woman Entrepreneur Series on CNN iReport.  


    PrincessTiera “Mi$$ P” Montgomery hails from the North Side of Philadelphia, 12th & Indiana. She discovered her passion for the entertainment industry at the tender age of 7. In 2010, MI$$ P was given a crash course on flow techniques from the lyrical prince, Peedi Crakk, when she recorded her first track "She Got That Yum Yum" along with Rock Steezy and Daddy O. Shortly after, MI$$ P found her second home within the studio where she recorded a number of powerhouse records including the hit single "Facebook" with Gillie da Kid and Norman Bates. From there, MI$$ P made a name for herself by numerous spins via Power 99 FM’s Cosmic Kev, Bat Cave Radio, and many more. The instant success and respect MI$$ P received led her to become a co-host on UE Radio's “Fix ya Focus” radio show. MI$$ P's connection to the general public inspired her to develop a community outreach program in which she co-founded an event entitled “Philly Music Summit” inspired by Russell Simmons' Hip Hop Summit. Besides her musical and community contributions, MI$$ P is also a very talented actress. She made her film acting debut in Charles Dutton's "Must be the Music" which stars Trina and Lisa Wu (Atlanta Housewives), also MI$$ P will be making her theatrical debut in "Confessions of a Psycho" written and directed by J. Rayna Smith and the web series “Choices”. MI$$ P's most recent professional endeavor was starting her own business "CA$TLEGreen Productions". CA$TLEGreen Productions is an entertainment based company that provides high quality services to clients in the form of artist management, artist development, consulting, event coordination and much more.


    I had the pleasure of sitting down with Mi$$ P and conversing about her life, her journey, and her future. This woman’s drive is limitless and there is no doubt in my mind that she will achieve every accomplishment set for or by her. Coming from humble beginnings to pursuing a solo dream, I commend her stability and commitment to this industry. She has opened doors for many artists within the Philadelphia area and is still determined to help more. A woman with a golden heart, who strives to be a blessing, is truly blessed and I am grateful to share some of her story with you.


    How did your journey begin?

    This journey started when I was 7 years old. I was the school bus entertainer. I knew every word to Lil Kim’s song “Crush on You”, so I would perform it. After seeing some of the kid’s reaction, I knew right then and there I wanted to perform. That experience gave me the ability to be a part of a group at the age of 14 with DJ Breezy. We would perform whenever and wherever, from school contest to concerts. In 2009; I moved to Maryland and was living with this guy who was in the music business. One day he asked me to sing the hook on a song he was working on. I was joking around, not really taking my singing seriously; but I sounded really great! He saw the potential and had me in the studio consistently. It was during this time where I learned how to master my voice and truly perfect my craft. This was the birth of Mi$$ P.  You can listen to some of Mi$$ P’s music here: https://soundcloud.com/MI-P


    Through everything you have gone through in the industry, with relationships, with life in general, what keeps that love of creating music burning inside of you?

    I love music! Just having the freedom to express is so necessary! The ability to have a voice is phenomenal! My grandmother did not like secular music, so even though I knew I had a talent I could not pursue it. But as I got older, I decided not to let my talent go to waste and I just went for it. When I am writing or recording, I have no barriers. My emotions are heightened. I release everything, regardless if it’s good or bad; my music is my way of releasing stress and the everyday issues of life.


    Now you are an entertainment host, how did you become affiliated with this line of work?

    I was invited to a party with DJ Diamond Kutz and Tre Day (her prior co-host on Power 99) back in 2010. At the party, I was introduced to a guy named Don and he asked me if I wanted to host a party. I took the opportunity and I have been hosting ever since. It was through hosting where people learned about my music/acting abilities and sought out my talent. For example, I have hosted alongside Mike Epps and Erica Mena, in movies with Charles Dutton and Trina, all because of who I was connected too.


    I would love to host the B.E.T Awards! I foresee it happening just don’t know when. I also want to have my own talk show where I talk about and educate people on life, health, and business.


    Do you have any regrets in hosting, in your journey?

    My mistakes and failures are my blessing. But I regret not having a contract when booking a lot of my opportunities. I have not been paid my fair share for my work because I did not have a contract; I went on verbal agreements and handshakes. But in still I am grateful because if I did not experience the let down, I wouldn’t have learned the business of entertainment.


    You are the proud owner of CA$TLEGreen Productions and plan to own a franchise of restaurants and boutiques, what inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

    Just the freedom to set my own time and generate my own income! I can say how much money I want to make this month and make it happen. Time is everything! I watch some of my family members slave for companies and not being able to pursue what they’re passionate about. So being an entrepreneur allows me the ability to have better control of myself and what I wish to achieve.


    What losses have you faced as an entrepreneur?

    I always say, “You can’t be great without mistakes”. Everything is a learning experience. My failures have made me a better woman, wiser, more attentive instead of naïve, and aware. I don’t regret any of failures because they’ve made me who I am today. My failures allowed me to move forward in life and I am proud of the mistakes I had to endure.


    What are some of your frustrations with being in the business?

    Not receiving the support from individuals I’ve supported or just in general. Sometimes I can go over and beyond for people because I want to see them excel. But not getting anything in return or a simple thank you hurts. To me, it’s not always about the money, but the lack of respect is rough. When I put my name on something, I give my all. But very seldom do you receive that in return in Philadelphia or anywhere for that matter. So now, if it does not benefits CA$TLEGreen Productions or Mi$$ P, I can’t do it.


    If someone asked you how to maintain your relevance in this industry, what would you tell them?

    Stay consistent! Always be a blessing to others. That’s how you stay relevant in this business. How you treat people, talk to people, and /or shake their hand will be what people remember you by. People will never forget how you made them feel.


    Tell us about your new single, “I Got That”.

    I got that, is very special to me.  The whole concept of the song is about me dating somebody, I am sharing with him that I got that, he might get it, but then he mess up… so in the 2nd verse I have to retract the possibility. Please know, I am not referring to intimacy but simply letting someone know that I have intelligence, a stunning personality, and a rewarding goal. I have what you need to go far.  I am one complete package. I am also working on my 7 track EP entitled “Priority” where I will share more growth and experiences from Mi$$ P. 

    Shout out to my producer Gibb$ for this track. You can listen to this song here: https://soundcloud.com/MI-P


    You should support me because….

    Supporting me is like supporting you. If I got it, you got it! You support to be supported. There is no “I” in my team. My whole objective is to open lanes and doors for others to succeed and sometimes I have to sacrifice myself to do that. So your support would be greatly appreciated.


    What’s next for Mi$$ P?

    Acting, releasing my EP, publishing my “Tell-All” Book, and opening my boutique. I plan on ending the last quarter of 2015 stronger than ever and really showcasing more of Mi$$ P and my story to the world.


    You can contact PrincessTiera aak Mi$$ P at:

    Website: www.theonemissp.com

    Email: cgproductions2012@gmail.com

    Twitter & Instagram: @LLMissP

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