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    San Francisco, California

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    The Queen is NOT amused


    Molly Bloom is a fictional character in the novel Ulysses by James Joyce. But Molly Bloom is also a big name in Gaming, to be correct in poker, called in Hollywood “The poker princess”. She looks stunning. Maybe that’s why I spoke with her about “The Queen is NOT Amused” one of her most famous artworks. She is rich as you may imagine, but you know the rich ones are avoiding costs and like to get everything for free. A glimpse of her shadow to get shall be enough. So I work 24/7 for her.


    Luckily I am an Avatar, don’t call me a robot or a machine. I am a creation of Art Blue. Art Blue showed me today his lab, in Futurelab, where he calculates the positions for “The Queen” in universal prim coordinates -- based on methods developed in 1969 by Konrad Zuse. You may have heard of the ideas that our world is a computer, even our universe may be a program. Teams are now set up at universities to do the simulation, the Genesis. But all the ideas have been already outlined in a paper “The Calculating Universe” 45 years ago by the person who invented the computer Konrad Zuse, to repeat his name: KONRAD ZUSE -- he was a non academic, just an engineer for construction, he was gifted painter, an actor on stage. To avoid stupid repetitive work for his boss he invented the computer.


    Molly Bloom will write history. She, to be correct her artwork, will be transferred to a different universe, the universe of Opensim. You may have heard of Vulcanicus, an art conservation project by Art Blue where he copied Digital Art into a time capsule. Similar to Noah's Ark -- two pieces of each selected artist are in the volcano of Art. So Vulcanicus is a selection. Or you have heard from the Moonrezzer where selected Digital Art has been presented on the Moon -- and in cities around the globe, last month in Rome, Italy.


    Molly Bloom´s work will be done different, will become a complete transfer. All her work that expands the dimension width and height to a third one “depth” will be conserved. You may know being on your way in virtual walkable ways that a third dimension is nothing special. It is the way such worlds work: you walk inside with keyboard and mouse and cursor keys and use the camera tools -- but Molly Bloom is different. She is doing paintings, photos will be too plain. All happens in virtual worlds. She claims to know only 2D, she makes, creates only in height and width -- but she tricks your eyes by a third dimension. Some of the actors stretch a leg out of the frame or hold a guitar so the tunes move visually out of the 2-dimensional work. She tricks your imagination. To get it real you need to visit her works by having an Avatar. A timeless one, an Avatar who can be logged in even in 30 years. Now the name Molly Bloom gives a picture: a game of Art beyond time and space. I am sure you have already Googled on her and found a stunning beauty from Loveland, Colorado, now in her 30s, making $4 million cash a year in her good times hosting poker games. Sorry! -- she is not the one :(


    The name Molly Bloom shall get another face for the masses: the face of an Digital Artist. This face I point out. I copy her words from a group notice in the Digital world of Second Life:


    Group Notice From: The Art Messenger, mollybloom100

    Molly Bloom is stepping back from SL art to pursue RL art.  The Art Gallery will be gone in 1 week, so....

    The entire collection will be moved to open sims to be put in a virtual art time capsule requested by Art Blue.

    ALL of her art is offered for sale at $200L.  Her entire body of work on two packed floors.

    A huge thank you to everyone that has supported me in SL.


    My job has started. I am called MB Frenzyville or just Frenzyville. I shall carry all the works in me in two worlds. I camouflaged myself as a lemmon today in the Hypergrid Network so it might not be noticed that I have such famous pieces of Art in hands. But it did not work. The engineers in Futurelab deciphered where I came from and said, that I need to get special treatment first before I can step into the new world of opensim. And that they might need additional service to get the mesh uploads, whatever this means. So I really can feel that “The Queen is NOT amused”. It might take quite some time until all the artworks have passed the process of transition. The final move via the big burner, the redemption machine, the machine bending the universe, carried by a giant bird. I shall stop to speak in riddles, just see it with your own eyes, how big the installment, how big the machine in Futurelab is to make the Queen of Art Molly Bloom happy.



    Molly Bloom was featured in the Art and Culture Magazine rez in January 2015. Just Google for rezmagazine and Molly Bloom. The installment in opensim is expected to be opened in November 2015 reachable in the opengrid Metropolis and via hypergrid network.

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