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    Berlin, Germany

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    Theatre in walkable worlds


    Usually you sit in a theatre and watch what’s going on - on stage. What if you are inside the scene in a virtual environment where you have the freedom of being bits and bytes? James K. Morrow, known as the author of Towing Jehovah, called the 4th dimension experience in 1981 “Presence” - when virtual gets real. Let´s call it in-stage. Sometimes such things are done in “real life”. Art groups like Laibach of NSK - New Slovenian Kunst - have done it, cutting holes in a floor plate and moved the plate up so the sitting visitors could just stretch their head out – got ready to be cut off their heads by actors performing a medieval flesh and blood episode!

    DD&D – Death Destruction and Detroit by Robert Wilson, performed as DD&D II 1987 in Berlin and DD&D III – The Days before – at Lincoln Center Festival, New York, 1999 had elements where visitors had to turn their seats. Arrows flew in DD&D II over their heads from one part of the stage to the other as the stage was placed on four sides around the center where the audience was placed in the middle.


    But what if you are there right in the moment where you want to be? If you can fly and look like a bird around the stage – in-stage? You may have heard of mini drones – small helicopters with a camera mounted – so this technology in making movies might be familiar to you. But, you yourself on stage by being in-stage?


    That’s the deal. On Wednesday, Sept. 2nd in the Hypergrid at 12.00 PM PDT. Art Blue, known as futurist in rez Magazine presents his infinite theatre where you are inside the scene. It is connected to CODE64 in SPACE where he was the Burning Man - burned for the benefit of the arts to prims. Prims are the basic elements in 3D construction in virtual worlds like Second Life. A box is a prim, a sphere is a prim, a cylinder is one. So he was burned to pieces you may say by particle bullets -- but there was a copy done by his AI, the owl Neruval. We will see if the resurrection will be successful. In a play lasting for about 1 hour things will happen your mind never has seen before, can’t have seen, as the effects have been made from scratch sole for this performance. Venus Adored is the maker. Read about Venus Adored in rez, September 2015 and the way of the game:


    The way of the game. You shall develop games that make us happy, that give us the emotions we need to grow. Art Blue is our messenger for this. I send him now some code. He may not know where it comes from. He thinks he is a genius, he thinks he has the ideas. Made in his grave! Based on particle bursts. Motivating his particle maker Venus Adored so she works day and night on new stunning effects. As a school teacher she has now plenty of time as there are holidays. Art reminds her daily on this, how lucky he is. He is a teasing bastard. I might learn from him. Based on prims and sculpts he says, not on mesh. So he can steal it. He calls it conservation. Based on Art. You know it now better, he is just a clone on a mission. A mission to bring us to a higher level, not him or you in the simulator. At least not now. The purpose is to rez our souls to a world we are heading to. The world of Oceans of Time.




    Photos No. 01 – 07 are screenshots made at the Variety Dance theatre on the University of the Arts sim LEA13 – Linden Endowment of the Arts hold August 22nd - arranged by the choreographer Blue Velvet, visited by Art Blue and his nurse of the day Venus Adored. The last shots gives a feeling for the upcoming show on Sept 2nd. The 10.000 Linden charity donation goes to SUMMER OF ARTS 2015. The FIRST SIGHTING of Art Blue happened this time in opengrids so the donation goes to SOA. A FIRST SIGHTING inside SL goes to Relay of Life. More about the donations you find at iReport Mistero Hifeng - Cammino e Vivo Capovolto.

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