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    Posted September 3, 2015 by

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    When God says 'no'


    When God says no


    There are times when God says no. We might even be tempted to feel like a child and be angry, defiant even, and reflect a position which simply does not understand things the way that He does.


    We could be like Adam and Eve. We could say, "well He said 'no, don't touch this' but hey, I think it seems perfectly fine" and then do it anyway. We know how that worked out for them.


    Anyone reading this who is a parent can relate that if you tell your child not to run into the street, they will defy you, be upset with you, and put into question if you might be just a meany - not a loving person who sees and understands what they can not and is simply just looking out for them.


    So when God tells us no, we want answers, just like a child. We want to reason it out in our own minds if perhaps maybe God just made a mistake. We're pretty smart. We see 'it' looks logical, practical even, and we step into a boundary of wondering if maybe we are smarter than God. As if that's an attainable thing!


    The truth is, and I'm just going to be real for a moment, if we want 'it' bad enough, we will find reasoning or even 'logic' somewhere. Every day, people find 'reasons' to carry on with cycles of hate, judgements, lies, betrayals, and rip apart families, societies and cultures. I'm reminded of times when I witness two people arguing. I hear one view and I think "yeah, I can see why they feel that way to a point" and then when I hear the other side, I usually end up thinking the same way about them also. So then I'm stuck in the middle of the two opinions and perhaps have even formed a third alternative view of their truth. It's called reason, logic, and sympathizing. We humans do that. And if we love the person involved, we are partial and affected even more so, wanting to believe the best of that person, we wear rose colored glasses. And that person may in fact be totally wrong. Or right. But the point is this - we cannot always judge by logic because sometimes we have limited facts. This is especially true of emotion or best intentions. If we did this, there would be no ultimate truth in murder or morality. It would simply be a matter of 'to each their own' and 'do what you think is best.' But there is ultimate truth and it is absolute. We as a society can say that isn't so but it only leads to excusing crimes and condoning sins when we do. We must stand for truth or we will lose not just justice for truth but our very selves.


    So what about God? What about when He says no?


    You don't have to understand it. You have to trust Him. He sees the entire picture, when we see only a tiny part of it. He isn't swayed by playing favorites, having a bad day, or trying to be a meany. He knows what's best for us. Period. We are not God. He is. He just wants us to understand one simple thing: His love for us knows what's best for us and His Word says that He doesn't withhold anything good from us. A lot of things may look good to us or look like it makes sense, but we have got to trust Him on this. If God is telling you no, then trust me, you don't want 'it' in the long run. You will have traded Eden for something much, much less.

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