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    Posted September 10, 2015 by
    New York, New York

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    A Requiem of 9/11 in Second Life


    Last night I was at the rehearsal of “Requiem: An artistic remembrance of the victims, the survivors and the aftermath of 9/11”. I shall report now as today the one and only performance will happen at Thursday, September 10th, 7:00 PM PDT -- in Second Life. Yes, Second Life still exists and is alive even Linden Lab, the company behind, is about to launch SANSAR -- a new world of dreams. It is the first production of TerpsiCorps ArtWerks in this virtual realm produced by Cassie Parker born in SL with the name nanki Hendes. Cassie earns her living in the real world as a stage director and producer of dance shows, so – to no surprise at all - dancing stands in the middle of Requiem. The venue and the driving force behind the art is Chrissy Rhiano, aka Cyllene Dembo, who's set and program transports us back to New York of 2001.

    If you have never experienced a virtual world where you walk inside and see yourself and others there interacting you can’t copy what others experience and report. Of course it never works being pressed into it, like a vegetarian will never get the taste of a good steak and I think vice versa the same if you throw your best salad to a Texan rancher as the only food. I am European so don’t get it wrong. It is difficult for me to understand such a play like Requiem where finally the troupe of dancers step out of the stage and welcome the audience to a happy life and you see the great catastrophe left behind. But this might be America, the United States, where you can leave things behind and start fresh when others look back in grief and stay in worries. A day to remember, to learn, to think does good, but you have to step forward. Now for the Europeans with all the masses of Syrians running to Germany to find there a place for shelter, a hideaway, a refugium you may say. A human catastrophe -- but nevertheless a new start for them will be needed. No society can pay survivors for their loss and for staying to wait for better times. So many families had to start fresh after the 9/11, sad and horrible to experience, but there is no other choice and many made it out of the ashes. So Requiem is a great production, a must see.

    If you have a chance to attend the performance, take it, we say “inworld”. If not then watch out for the live-stream and a video that will be posted later.

    For myself I could set home position for my Avatar, Art Blue, where Requiem will happen at a spot named Khatara -- SL coordinates 49/167/2001. I will be there with my virtual nurse watching as in my own play I am dead and just kept alive in stasis like Commander Powell in Dark Star. It will be different as last time I was at SKY FIRE in a light show of particles blown up into the skies of Roissy val du Oise where my nurse Juliette aka SurrealDreaming Resident will come this time from. She carries a long list of exhibitions she curated in her pocket. To name just the recent ones: Lexi Marshdevil, Particle Tom, Theda Tammas, Jack Nichols, The Candy Moo, Mike Jones, Paris Obsur, Tim Timaru, Forest of Azure, Rickerr, Hils Scofield, Pixilated Poet. If you like to get to know where you can find works of these artists in Second Life, send her a message.

    Second Life has moved to become a big place for the arts. The element of sponsorship takes a big role in it. The University of Western Australia is one of them. Also compatible worlds called “Opensim worlds” get strong support by Universities around the globe. Virtual teaching – 10 years ago called Teleteaching - goes now via Avatars. To create theatrical plays in virtual worlds might become something in the future that gains interest. Many open their talents to create a Youtube channel and subscribers turn up to get into millions. Who knows what happens in the future when technology moves up to a full 3D experience in every browser and millions may attend a play. The entrance to Requiem will be capped tonight at 75 avatars to keep the response of the rendering machine up to a reasonable level of speed. Be there as an early bird – or you may have to copy the live stream to get a view on screen in 2D at http://www.slartist.com/pages/ch2.html


    If you can’t come or watch Requiem it will be worth to step by some hours later and look around the installment. You find a photo exhibition of impressions made after the attack by Bryston Vanvleck. He has a permanent memorial place on his land in Second Life called 9/11 Memorial - Always Remember, Never Forget.

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