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    Posted September 29, 2015 by
    San Francisco, California

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    Charity, Gems & Art: Fundraising in virtual worlds


    I was triggered today by a message “MadPea auction raises L$1.6+ million for LLK and Kenya school”. L$ means Linden money but there is real money behind, exatly US $6,671 and LLK stands for Live and Learn Kenya. For the auction some famous names in virtual world offered to contribute. You got in the auction a two hours slot for a talk with an artist you otherwise will never get to view for long, a video made for your favorite place or a private presentation of Paradise Lost or … – and all this comes with quite famous names. I just name the ones I know - Alexa Linden, Bryn Oh, Caitlin Tobias, Callie Cline, Canary Beck, Draxtor Despres, Inara Pey, Johannes1977 Resident, Kiana Writer, Lisa Brune, RacerX Gullwing, Rider Linden, Simon Linden, Sina Souza, Xiola Linden. Enter one of these names in Google and you will be surprised. I shall give an example: “Sina Souza” and you get in fineartamerica a picture of an installment that has depth, check it - add “In The Crosshair Of A Nation” to be sure it is her. The work printed turns from 3D to 2D and back to the center of our times: the shadow of the execution of an innocent woman by … – just let your imagination work and set time and place in.

    Let me turn the table. We have enough sad news all day long. MadPea makes childrens´ eyes smile as a new school in Kenya got support to open its door.

    There are all over daily ongoing charity events in virtual words. A few weeks ago I visited Belle Roussel´s lab where she secretly designs her new jewelry collection -- not to steal it or to pamper her to give me a copy, no, she gave me in the past without asking for any return some, so it was on me to come and interview her. She made pieces for Feed a Smile, for Art in Hats for the WWF. She does this every year not for the glory of being listed in an auction. She makes her living out of selling jewelry in the virtual world of Second Life and she keeps being generous as in her early days. So many are artists of this type I have met, also in other virtual worlds like the Metropolis Grid, but little attention you find in the media and in the art world. Today the Summer of Arts will start in Metropolis. I will show a piece of Belle, one that is not on the pictures you see in the report. It is SAILING TO BYZANTIUM – No Country for Old Men.

    The list of artists and works to see in the Summer of Arts is long. I name just the artists I know in person: Art Eames, Avia Bonne, Cherry Manga, Chiria Celt, Chica Belt, CapTer Kronfeld, Daco Monday, Fuschia Nightfire, Giovanna Cerise, Kueperpunk Korhonen, Lucy Afarensis, Moewe Winkler, Pixel Prim, Sina Souza Wizardoz Chrome, Wordfromthe Wise and I -- Art Blue -- present as a curator Excess Motors and Venus Adored.


    A donation of 100,000 Linden (in Euro about 375,00) waits to get a land grant in Metropolis grid for taking part inside the Immersivia section of the 3rd Santorini Bienniale in 2016.

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