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    My self exam saved my life


    My name is Funda  , I am 49 years old.

    On September 9th 2015 , I was diagnosed with Breast cancer IDC on my right breast  and September 10th , my right armpit lymph nodes were also confirmed as carcinoma. I was a very healthy person, ate well , exercised , lived a very active life style. Every year I had my mammograms done and all looked good and normal .

    My last 2 D mammogram was done in June of this year and it was also normal .

    Later in August I felt a lump in my right breast , I figured it will go away ... so I waited a week or so .. The lump on my breast did not disappear , than I felt a lump under my arm pit and that did not go away either . After about 10 days, I went to see my family doctor , he immediately ordered ultrasound on the same day , ultrasound revealed the lump on my right breast 2-3 cm , and my right arm pit lymph nodes . Then I was scheduled for biopsy on September 8, 2015. I was notified by a phone call from my family doctor on Sept 9, than  sept 10  with my Pathologyy results. Sept 16 2015 met with my surgeon , he confirmed I had IDC , triple negative aggressive, later stage 2b or early 3 breast cancer . It's a long road ahead of me but I am determined to beat this illness . I will receive 8 rounds of chemo , every two weeks for 4 mos, than surgery and finally radiation . But because I have a dense breast tissue , regular mammograms were not able to detect it .If there were 3 D mammograms may be able to detect it better. I also had BRCA1 / BRCA2 genetic testing done , my results were normal , I do have the good gene .


    Please get your mammogram done every year and request the 3 D . Also please do self exam any questions about any lumps ask your doctor for an MRI or ultrasound tests to be done . But please don't wait . #selfexam

    #earlydetection Is important .


    Update on my treatment : After chemo #2 my doctor tells me my tumor is shrinking also the lymph nodes are shrinking . Great news since I don't have any other option!

    Keeping strong and positive attitude . Lost all my hair after the second chemo . So now I am follicly challenged ( okay .., bald ) continuing with the treatment I had my third chemo 2days ago , 5 more to go ! I did buy a wig just because it makes me feel good


    Here is an update with my treatments : After Chemo#4

    We had our first snowfall yesterday , it's beautiful outside .

    I am feeling good today , it takes a little longer time for me to recover from the chemotherapies nowadays. But I do recover

    The good news is .. I am half way done with my chemotherapies . I am done with AC treatment , Adriamycin and Cytoxan .. The infusion used to take about 2 1/2 hrs

    I have 4 rounds of T (Taxol) left .. Supposed to only take 1 1/2 hr infusion time

    As of November 8th I am done with my stereoids , which I took 2 pills in the mornings 2 pills at dinner time for three days after my chemos . They were supposed to offset Chemos side effects but they were making me very sick also. Mainly flushing on my face , headache , body ache, sleeplessness.

    So YAY!

    I am also done with my Booster shots as of November 6th, I received them the day after my chemotherapy . Neulasta Booster shots helped my immune system and gave me "A SHOT of LIFE " I called it


    I am overwhelmed with the Love and support , I Receive everyday  from my loving family and friends all over the world . I couldn't beat this illness without your love and support

    Thank you all very much   People are so Kind and sweet and that's all it matters






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