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    Posted October 13, 2015 by
    Prague, Manila

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    Czech Republic religious discrimination abroad: pushing on extradition of spiritual teacher from the Philippines despite his innocence


    The foreigner politics and diplomacy of Czech Republic are facing tremendous failure for any free country who profess Declaration of Human Rights by OSN. In the spring of this year, Czech authorities eagerly tried to deport renowned spiritual master Jaroslav Dobes know as Guru Jara and Barbora Plaskova from the Philippines back to Europe. The above mentioned citizens of Czech Republic have been residing away from Europe since 2007.

    For the past 6 years, they have solely lived in the Philippines and also, occasionally, in Japan. Here, they have been working as independent spiritual teachers in a meditation retreat center for students from USA, Japan, Ukraine, Russia and also EU. During their stay in the Philippines, there have been no complaints on their account recorded by the local authorities. Yet with them began to be treated as dangerous criminals.

    After the intervention of the Czech Republic this spring, Mrs. Plaskova and later, even Mr. Dobes, were forced to abandon their spiritual center and they were imprisoned in a detention camp in Manila. There, they have been living in custody for several months now, in absolutely humiliating conditions, waiting for the results of their request for religious asylum.

    Here in Czech Republic, in October 2014, they were sentenced „in absentia“ by Czech court to ten and nine and a half years of prison for practicing tantric healing rituals. These rituals were supposed to take place in Czech Republic from 2004 to 2006. After systematic interrogation, because of some rumors on the internet in 2008 to 2010, and later also facing heavy psychological pressure from the side of police targeting students of Mr. Dobes, they were later re-evaluated by the police as a form of abuse.

    However, in May 2015, the Court of Appeal in Olomouc repealed the judgement from 2014 in its entirety. The Court of Appeal pointed out many procedural failures and lack of evidence, and returned the case back to the Court of First Approach to undergo completely new and rigorous investigation. Mr. Dobes and Mrs. Plaskova, notwithstanding the presumption of innocence, are currently still held in prison for more than half a year. The physical condition of Mr. Dobes, due to poor treatment, is very serious.

    Addressed authorities in Czech Republic, including the Minister for human rights, almost all of the senators and other politicians, interim approach has been very lukewarm. There is still pressure from Czech authorities upon release of Mr. Dobes and Mrs. Plaskova back to the country, thus the Pilipino authorities detain them, even though they themselves have no reason for imprisoning and destroying lives of innocent people.

    It comes as no surprise that it is exactly the Czech Republic who punishes their own citizens for practicing of independent religion even abroad. The situation in CR itself, regarding violation of basic human rights and freedoms in the field of religion, is absolutely scandalous for a member country of EU. For the past five years, several hundreds of Dobes’s and Plaskovas’s followers have been systematically persecuted by Czech authorities, activities of anti-cult movement and the media. Free practicing of their faith is close to impossible for them. This was yet confirmed by two independent investigations underwent by organizations specializing in human rights.

    We have reasonable doubts that the deportation of Mr. Dobes and Mrs. Plaskova back to Czech Republic would constitute even greater danger on their lives than the current stay in Manila prison.

    Regardless of the persecution in Czech Republic, the followers of Mr. Dobes and Mrs. Plaskova pray for their safety, freedom and their rights to continue in their life mission as a world-renowned spiritual teachers.


    The Preparatory Committee of religious society- church The Path of Guru Jara



    Contact information for more evidence about this case for media:
    Press relations of The Church of Guru Jara in Czech Republic - Mrs. Dagmar Svetlovska - tel. +420 604 488 528, email:svetlovska@svetlovska.com
    English speaking coordinator for international press relations Mr. Vojtech Nedved tel. +420 604 312 929, vnedvd@gmail.com.

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