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    The Top 10 Engineering Colleges in the World


    When it comes to higher education, engineering is one of the most sought after careers in the world. It is one of the most interesting and well paid professions around the globe. With the boom of information technology, engineering has advanced and diversified in various streams.


    Among all the engineering institutions in the world, some have maintained such a high standard that their reputation has transgressed their countries and they have come to be recognized as the top engineering colleges in the world. Following is a list of the top 10 engineering institutes which every engineering student fantasies about.


    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


    MIT is the most famous and highly reputed engineering university in the world. It was established in 1861 and has established itself as the best centre for engineering research and studies. From defense and governance to media and entertainment, there is no field in which MIT has not done research to make it better and safer. MIT conducted instrumental research in radar technology which turned the tide of the World War 2. It has produced 84 Nobel laureates, 34 astronauts and 52 winners of the US National Medal of Science.


    MIT offers 44 undergraduate courses. Apart from engineering, it also has courses in humanities, arts and social science. MIT is located in Cambridge city; Massachusetts, in USA.


    Stanford University


    Stanford University is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities around the globe. It is the university whose alumni and graduate entrepreneurs became the founding fathers of the Silicon Valley, the home of all major tech businesses today.


    The Engineering school has produced graduates who later on founded the tech giants of the world. The alumni of Stanford Engineering School have till now established 12,700 companies which include several big names such as Google, Yahoo, Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, Linked In, Instagram and many others.


    California Institute of Technology (CALTECH)


    The California Institute of Technology or CALTECH (as it’s usually known) is a private research university located in California. The University was established in 1891. Although it is small when compared to institutes such as MIT and Stanford, it has a very strong emphasis on engineering. It has more than 2000 students and a faculty of 300 highly experienced professors. Although its main emphasis is on physical engineering, it has 5 more academic divisions which are biological engineering, chemical engineering, applied science and astronomy. The university also has strong links with NASA as the organization had established a Jet Propulsion Laboratory at CALTECH in 1940’s.


    The university is located in California in a 124 acre campus.


    Princeton University


    Princeton is an Ivy League research university and also one of the oldest universities in USA. Established in 1746, the university offers various courses including engineering. The Princeton University School of Engineering & Applied Science is considered one of the best engineering institutions in the world. It has six departments which offer courses in chemical and biological engineering, civil and environmental engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical and aerospace engineering, operations research and financial engineering.


    It was ranked 2nd among global engineering institutions by the Times Higher Education magazine. The University’s engineering school has produced geniuses such as Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos, SanDisk founder Eli Harari, astronaut Daniel T. Barry and Internet pioneer Bob Kahn.


    University of Cambridge


    Cambridge is a name which is well known among the student fraternity and is highly reputed in the academic circles. The engineering department at Cambridge was started in 1875, nearly 6 centuries after the university was established, yet it has become the largest department in the institution.


    John Baker (developer of the plasticity theory of design), Alec Broers (a pioneer in nanotechnology), Nicholas Patrick (an astronaut), Harry Ricardo (major contributor in the development of the Internal Combustion Engine) are some of the famous personalities who studied engineering at Cambridge.


    Imperial College of London


    The Imperial College of London is a famous public research university which was founded in 1907. The engineering faculty at ICL is one of three faculties and was formed in 2001. The faculty has nine departments where students conduct cutting edge research on aeronautics, bioengineering, chemical engineering, civil and environmental engineering, computing, earth science, electrical and electronic engineering, materials and mechanical engineering.


    University of Oxford


    When someone says ‘university’, Oxford is the first name that will crop up in their minds. Such is the fame and reputation of Oxford that it doesn’t need any introduction. Oxford has a dedicated department for engineering science which was established in 1908. It is the only unified department in the UK which offers accredited courses in all the major branches of engineering. The acceptance rate is very small and at the end of every year, the University produces 160 brilliant engineering graduates.


    ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)


    ETH or the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology is one of the best engineering institutions in the world. With more than 18,000 students and more than 8000 highly qualified staff, it is the university where Albert Einstein; the most famous scientist of the modern era, studied. Apart from Einstein, 20 alumni of ETH have won Nobel awards.


    It has maintained a consistent ranking as one of the top 10 engineering universities in Europe as well as the world.


    University of California


    The University of California is also one of the top ranked engineering institutes in the world. It has several campuses; most famous among them is its first campus at Berkeley. With 38 Nobel laureates, 13 winners of the US National Medal of Science, 91 members of the US National Academy of Engineering and many other honors, the university has been an abode the brightest minds of the modern era.


    Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)


    One of the famous engineering institutes in the world, the Georgia Institute of Technology is more commonly referred to as Georgia Tech. It was established in 1885. It has six colleges and 31 departments with science and technology being its main focus.


    Jimmy Carter, former US president and a Nobel laureate at studied at Georgia Tech. Apart from him, there are many great personalities who have studied at Georgia Tech are Mike Duke, the CEO of WalMart, Nobel laureate Kary Mullis, astronaut William S. McArthur, Richard H. Truly, former head of NASA and many others.


    There are many other universities which have been ranked as the top institutions to study engineering. Engineering is a filed which requires not only a passionate and sharp mind but also the best possible instructors and environment to study.

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