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    Posted October 19, 2015 by
    Attock, Pakistan

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    US-Saudi Vs Russian-Iran

    US-Saudi Vs Russian-Iran objectives therein.

    I feel honored when friends like you consider me capable of answering to some of your queries. Syria during the Cold War era was in Soviet Camp along with Egypt and sometimes Iraq was also a vocal pro-Russia state. Yet by and by Egypt and Iraq left Russian camp but Syria continued in its position as stated above. After having ousted USSR from the status of the other super power United States wanted to superimpose itself on the entire Muslim World which was till recently either non –aligned or pro-Soviet entity. For this colonial design the best agent was available to US from its own farm house grown as cactus by the ‘Great Britain’ in Muslim body that is i.e. Saudis, who were planted for this very purpose quarter of a century ago. Saudis are ordinarily a behind the curtain troubleshooters in Muslim World as and when their lords of ‘Great Britain’ so require. The lethal weapon exploited by Saudis for baking trouble in Muslim World is fanning and promoting sectarian differences among Muslims mainly on the basis of Shia-Sunni differences. Saudis through their hired agents in form of clerics transform the sectarian differences among Muslims into sectarian feuds. Syrian ruling party since late 1960s is being led by first Hafiz-ul-Assad and after his demise by his son Bashar-ul-Assad.
    The Assads are branded as Shias of a particular sub-denomination. Now when America wanted to expand its empire to Syria, so as to liquidate Russian influence, it put into service its well tested agent Saudis for creating chaos in that peaceful country. Co-incidentally majority of Muslims particularly Shias believe that Holy Shrine of Prime Lady of Banu-Hashim, Zainab, daughter of Ali is housed in Syria and the Syrian Government as stated above has been holding the shrine in high esteem to the annoyance of Saudis Dogma. The Americans encouraged Saudis to ignite sectarian issue in Syria. Saudis organized, prepared and pushed into Syria terrorists with open designs to desecrate the Holy Shrine of Prime Lady. This evil design of Saudis provoked hatred against them through-out the Muslim World, irrespective of their sectarian tendencies. Feeling it their duty Hezbollah of Lebanon and Iranian Government openly came to the rescue of Bashar-ul-Assad. American designs which were supposed to be yielding a quick disastrous results failed and Bashar-ul-Assad put up a courageous resistance to Saudi’s un-Islamic measures. When Bashar-ul-Assad gave an impression to the world that he is neither Saddam, Qaddafi nor Nasir, Russia also has come to his support. In these circumstances Syria is now a theater of open US and Russian tug of war.
    Iran for its revolutionary regime’s main stay in religion and particularly in Shiite faith has to put up resistance to Saudi’s expansionist designs. It is reported that the lethal weapon of United States and Saudis in form of ISIS is also operating in Syria and Iraq to the benefit of United States.
    The theater so organized by United States may, if it fails, lead to global disgrace. May be because of this threat United States may further resort to measures like carpet bombing in Syria and reciprocally Saudis may receive identical treatment by pro-Assad powers. The generations to come will always blame Saudis for whatever un-happy and disastrous results ensue sequel to these evil designs.

    This is in reply to a query made by my friend Zubair Bacha, I couldn’t reply to it earlier due to unavailability of my grand son Zain.
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