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    Posted October 20, 2015 by
    Montreal, Quebec

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    Justin Trudeau sweeps Canadian Election


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     voyageurfred says Justin Trudeau was a suprise winner because he was the underdog going into the campaign. The polls that were ciruclating in newspapers throughout Montreal showed a tight race between Steven Harper and Justin Trudeau. "He focused on being positive, very much like Obama's 'Yes we can' message," said Hore. Hore said he walked around the election headqaurters to take these photos and he can feel the energy of the room.
    - KerryOnNow, CNN iReport producer

    by Frederic Hore


    Montreal, Quebec 1:40am - The polls had not yet closed across all five time zones in Canada, when election results started streaming in from the Eastern Atlantic Provinces, indicating Justin Trudeau's Liberal party, was destined to win Canada's national election.


    The momentum continued to build during the evening, as supporters watched in awe at party headquarters, deep inside the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in downtown Montreal.


    The francophone province of Quebec, which had been dominated in the previous election of 2011, by the NDP Orange "wave" under leader Thomas Mulcair, succumbed to a growing Red tide of winning Liberal candidates. The independence espousing Bloc Quebecois party, sprang back to life winning 10 seats.


    The Liberal wave continued, as Conservative seats fell in Ontario, including Metropolitan Toronto's large number of parliamentary ridings.


    The Conseratives held many of their Western Canadian seats, but not before surrendering more to the Liberals and NDP party.


    Shortly after 9:30pm EDT, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau had been declared the winner, with a majority government, by Canada's national TV networks.


    As his wife Sophie Grégoire watched nearby, PM designate Justin Trudeau, addressed jubilant supporters just after midnight, stating "We beat fear with hope. We beat cynicism with hard work. We fought divisive politics... to bring Canada together."


    The election results, at 01:45 am were:
    Elected: Liberals 180, Conservatives 98, NDP 39, Bloc Quebecois 10, and Green Party 1.

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