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    Posted October 20, 2015 by
    San Antonio, Texas

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    Q & A with Green Water Technologies | Water Research

    Here, Texas-based Green Water Technologies answers questions regarding past and proposed water quality research projects.

    Q: What was the purpose of the recent Environmental Impact Study regarding home ion exchange water softeners?

    Green Water Technologies: This study was put together to determine if hard, unconditioned water had any impact on area watersheds and pollution levels.

    Q: What did the study measure?

    Green Water Technologies: Researchers used samples from a number of septic tanks – utilizing both hard, unconditioned water and water which had been treated to remove calcium and magnesium ions. The study determined that deionized water allowed waste to settle more efficiently, resulting in a lower rate of sewage seepage into surrounding water sources.

    Q: What was the Battelle Study?

    Green Water Technologies: This was a study published by the Water Quality Research Foundation. It looked at the effects unconditioned water had on the energy efficiency of water heaters.

    Q: How long did the Battelle Study last?

    Green Water Technologies: The study was conducted over the course of approximately three months and carried out using Water Quality Association test protocols. The study simultaneously measured how hard, unconditioned water and softened water affected the performance of laundry and dishwashers, showerheads, and faucets.

    Q: Why these particular appliances?

    Green Water Technologies: These are the appliances that consume the most water and are most likely to show early wear and tear from using a less than ideal quality water supply.

    Q: Were other appliances evaluated during this study?

    Green Water Technologies: Yes, it additionally measured the efficiency and performance of water heaters under these conditions.

    Q: What did the data reveal?

    Green Water Technologies: The study concluded with the revelation that all of the above-mentioned appliances and fixtures utilizing soft, conditioned water performed like new after the test period.

    Q: And what about the appliances tested with hard, unconditioned water?

    Green Water Technologies: Those forced to work using unconditioned water lost efficiency and needed extensive descaling.

    Q: How does hard, unconditioned water generally effect water heating units?

    Green Water Technologies: Water heaters in a home utilizing a water purification system will likely operate at peak performance throughout the life of the product; those using untreated water are subject to conditions which may render early failure.

    Q: Is softened water corrosive?

    Green Water Technologies: The Home Water Corrosion study found that water softened through proper treatment methods has no more corrosive attributes than source water.

    Q: What studies have been conducted that examined water pollution levels as related to brine discharge?

    Green Water Technologies: In the mid-1960s, the American Water Works Association commissioned a study which tracked pollution levels directly linked to brine discharge.

    Q: How are humans exposed to chloroform?

    Green Water Technologies: A chloroform research study indicates that humans are exposed to chloroform primarily through drinking water. This is often from water supplies affected with naturally occurring organic materials.

    Q: Have there been studies linking softened water with household plumbing materials corrosion?

    Green Water Technologies: No, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) commissioned a study several years ago that proved scientifically that water softened through an ion exchange process poses no additional risk of corrosion to metal pipes.

    Q: Are there any studies planned that would assess emerging technologies related to water health and safety?

    Green Water Technologies: The Water Quality Research Foundation has proposed a concept study that would assess emerging technologies capabilities through an extensive benchmark program.
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