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    The Battle of Dimensions


    It took 35 years from first homecomputers to be where we are now. The flat screen we look at gets naturally into another dimension. We trick ourselves day by day when we explore depth by looking at a screen being an Avatar. The tools are over 10 years old and sound now quite odd: move or run forward, backward, left and right by pressing keys on a keyboard and zoom in and out by click or roll the mouse or -- by thoughts. Scanning brainwaves is no longer a dream. Steering tools are now triggered by concentration of our thoughts. Smart scanners and eye track software does it and we support the effects by our holistic vision. We want to be tricked. Of course you know there are head mounted displays like oculus rift where the human brain is more easily tricked so most say: “that’s 3D”. Most of the big Hollywood productions are now made “in 3D” so we think this is 3D, but it is still 2D, a flat screen we look at. 4D is possible to come out of 3D when 3D is coming out of 2D.


    It was posted in 1981 by James Morrow and called Presence:
    “Sozyo made 4-D equipment. The image had height, width, depth and a fourth D that eluded precise definition. It was called Presence. Somehow, you felt that the subject was there in the room with you. You could seemingly walk up to it, savor its fragrance, finger its texture, rub a few eons’ grime off its contours.”

    In short words: we have to feel 3D, to feel depth. Virtual gets real.

    You need an example to believe in this future?
    Art Eames is the one carrying this message since 2009. After five years of university and a degree in informatics, art and logistics, it's time. Now it's time to leave Berlin Art Lab and head to product development in the medical industry. In a theatrical play written by his mentor Art Blue he will meet in a few days Molly Bloom. She is one of the most featured artists in virtual worlds known as “The Queen” -- she got the name assigned for her most famous work “The Queen is Not Amused”. In her works she steps out from 2D photography to 3D. Art Eames will win the battle from the point of technology, but Molly Bloom will be selected by the curator to be kept in the time capsule of Digital Art. Both will be winners as they overcome the flat world on a flatscreen and head to Presence. Art Eames living in Berlin and Molly Bloom in San Francisco will share a space in an Amazon cloud server both not knowing where.

    How will Presence be experienced in the future of art recognition? That boxes of art fall out of a Mondrian like picture mounted on the wall? When we see the boxes falling on the floor and feel them real. When we come across such a box which has fallen out of the frame will it be “kick-able”? That's what the play is about. Virtual gets real and nothing and no one will help us to differ between the dimensions. Just our maker? The maker of the Avatar? The maker of us? James Morrow the author of The Godhead Trilogy might be happy. He got all awards Science Fiction critics can offer for a reason as what he described 35 years ago comes now into reach.

    The Play happens on November 11, 2015 at Noon Pacific Day Time in the Hypergrid Network in a world called Metropolis grid you may join also via Berlin Art Lab.

    The pictures you see are taken from Summer of Arts (SOA) in the Metropolis grid with a focus of Art Eames (Germany) and Molly Bloom (USA). SOA is open until November 15, 2015. Following artists have been selected: Angus Vapor, Caro Fayray, Fuschia Nightfire (England), Jeff Hall, Moewe Winkler (Germany), Atari Patrucci (Germany), Wordfromthe Wise (Germany), Torben Asp, Arielle Delamerlibre, Art Blue, Chiria Celt, Giovanna Cerise (Italy), Karin Ferrari, Oddball Otoole, Jorink Devin (Netherlands), Karda Momm, Snowie Haiku, Rig Torok, Miguel Rotunno, Sina Souza, doong susu, Pixel Prim (Germany), Daco Monday (Italy), Ben Oldenburg, Violetta Carolina, WizardOz Chrome (Italy), Linda Diva, Cherry Manga & Praline Barjowksi (France), Oopsee Joseppe (Japan), Ana Voog (USA), ChapTer Kronfeld (Germany ), Lucy Afarensis (USA), Po Toocool, Deanna Janus.

    Enjoy to visit and to explore. Contact Thirza Ember in facebook if you want to be member of a guided tour.

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