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    Group exhibition of 21 foreign artists in Beijing


    An exhibition entitled “Life in Songzhuang" launched on October 24, at the Songzhuang Art Museum. Participated by 21 foreign artists from 11 different countries, it is the largest international art exhibition ever held in the Songzhuang art district of Beijing.

    Curated by Fang Lei, a renowned Chinese curator, has been deeply involved in east - west exhibitions for the past several years and the current exhibit exemplifies not only her great interest in art, but in the cross cultural influences when west meets, and lives in the east. The show displays more than100 artworks, including oil paintings, sculptures, photography, tapestry weavings, installations and experimental videos. The Songzhuang Museum’s magnificent 5,000 sq. meters of galleries are well suited to showcasing the varied styles of this international group of artists. The accompanying catalogue gives a glimpse into each artists reason for being in Songzhuang and the significant influences that being here has had on their art.

    The exhibition is international yet at the same time local, because all the participating artists are living and working in Song Zhuang. SongZhuang is located in the eastern part of Beijing and is the largest arts area in China. In the past two decades Songzhuang has been transformed from a typical northern Chinese village into a vital milieu of nearly 5000 artists in various artistic endeavors. Though the village of Songzhuang does not have the vibrancy of Beijing’s other art district, “798” with all of its galleries and cafes, it is where the majority of artists who show in 798 live and do their work and is fast becoming a museum and gallery scene on its own.

    Foreign artists come to Songzhuang for a multitude of reasons; some for the chance to interact with Chinese artists, some for the large studios and ease of acquiring art supplies, and some to experience a new and different culture. Most of the artists in this exhibit have been living in Songzhuang for several years, speak Chinese and seem well adjusted to their new environment.

    American weaving artist Nancy Kozikowski is among the earliest foreign residents in Songzhuang, establishing her weaving studio in a traditional Chinese village house with an open air court yard in the center of Songzhuang’s Hutong area. The exhibition includes her loom with demonstrations as well as many of her vibrant tapestries.

    Nick Perret, a Swiss artist, came to Songzhuang on an invitation from a major Chinese Hong Kong art collector and has been here off and on for more than 3 years. Perret has been studying Chinese and Chinese culture for most of his life. His work is vibrant and about color and the interaction and tension of strong color and form, while at the same time often meditative.

    Swedish artist Johannes Nielsen’s bird mobiles are one of the most exciting and surprising installations in the exhibition. High above the room, a flock of birds are seemingly flapping up and down, while in the corner of the room, a bamboo bird is dripping water down to a tall and thin human sculpture.

    British photographer Brendan Linane, Spanish artists Gisela and Cristobal Ortega, Australian artist Denise Keele- Bedford, Iceland artist Nicolai and Indian artists Bharat Singh & Gurjinder, among others, also bring the audiences their impressive and important artworks. The exhibition will last for four month at the Song Zhuang museum, from Oct 24th.

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