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    Barack Spoken Of In Bible Prophecy


    Is Barack Spoken Of In Bible Prophecy?

    You Be The Judge




    “One Who Is Blessed By God”


    Hey Barack how are you doing?  Fine I hope.  My name is Eric and I’m a student of the bible.  You might say to your self why are you writing me?  I’m writing you because I also study the bible like you’ve studied law.  In other words I’m writing you because in my biblical studies even though you’re not actually mentioned, I believe that if one looks deeper you are named and your candidacy is prophesized in the bible.


    It is my opinion that everything happens for a reason your bi-racial parents, you hanging out staying and living with poor children of different ethnicities, your father leaving (so from actual experience you would be better able in the future to speak to the people about a single mother raising her children) with the help of your grand parents, while at the same time seeing things from both perspectives and last but not least your father giving you a name which mean “one who is blessed by God.”


    In my studies while writing bible helps for layman (a book I never finished writing) I wrote on the subject of the word bless; and here is its definition. To "Bless" means "to pronounce a blessing upon" or "to speak well of.”  As I look at this meaning two things come to mind, no now three; wow things are starting to come to mind I never thought of before.


    Hang on in here with me and let’s pay attention to the details of the meaning bless and then let’s apply it to your name but first let me show you exactly what I wrote about how God blessed the Sabbath Day.  (No I’m not mentioning this to you for any particular reason but it will most likely come up as an issue during your candidacy).


    It Started Out This Way


    As I was watching a short segment of how Barack grew up on CNN the first thing that I noticed when the show came on was that it said that the name Barack in Swahili mean “One who has been blessed by God.” This automatically made me think about a subject that I once wrote about in a bible help book that I was trying to write years ago but never finished: the subject was on the Sabbath Day and here is what I wrote.


    - The Sabbath a Memorial of Creation -

    Gen. 2:2,3; Ex. 20:11.  The Sabbath is a memorial of creation and the rest day of the Lord.  Every time we rest upon the seventh day, as God did at creation, we commemorate that grand event just as the Jews do today.  Read also Deut. 5:12-15.

    Gen. 2:3; Mark 2:28.  God (Christ) instituted this day after creating Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.  See also John 1:1-3,10.  Note:  The Sabbath was made before the fall; hence it is not a type, for types were not introduced till after the fall.  See Gen. 3.

    Let us read Gen. 2:3 where it shows that” . . . God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because that in it he had rested from all his work which God had created".  Note:  God blessed the seventh day.  To "bless" means "to pronounce a blessing upon" or "to speak well of".  He also sanctified (Ex. 31:15) that day.  To "sanctify" means to "separate" or "to set apart for a holy use".

    Let us now read Gen. 2:3 with all the meanings inserted.". . . God "spoke well of" (to Adam and Eve) "the blessing(s) pronounced" upon the seventh day "sabbath" and "separated it, setting apart for a holy use."

    Ex. 20:11.  Being that God blessed (spoke well of) the sabbath day, and hollowed it (had profound reverence and respect for it), shouldn't we?


    How To Interpret The Bible


    By taking the advice of the bible when studying events, I lean towards the scripture of Isa 28:10, 13 while studying, it reads that when studying that “precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little and there a little.”  By using this technique we are most likely guaranteed excellent results in gaining knowledge and coming to the right conclusion about future events.


    God Establishes National Leaders


    It is my belief that since the bible is God’s word written to us that we must understand every word and syllable that He wrote (Prov. 30:5, 6; Rev. 22:18, 19) in order to form an accurate knowledge about future events and since God establishes national rulers (Prov. 8:15, 16; Dan. 2:36-38) this is why I can’t help but believe that God has not forgotten about America in prophecy.


    Names Have Meanings


    In biblical times and still in certain cultures names have meanings like Michael means, “who is like God,” Emmanuel means “God with us” and the list goes on and on.  Barack says that he has a funny name, but don’t realize that God through his father has given him this name for a reason and that is to distinguish him from anyone else. 


    By me using what I call “the definition technique” in order to understand the bible much better, I said to myself why don’t I apply this technique to Barack Hussein Obama’s name and this is what I found out. 


    The name Barack/barak in Heb. means “to bless” so I looked up the word bless/blessed in my bible dictionary and the word for bless is barak and in Gr. it’s eulogeo so I looked that word up as well and it means, “to speak well.” Let us combine the definitions of “speak well” to the name Barack and it can rightfully be interpreted as “Barack speaks well, Barack is one who speaks well or Barack is well spoken.”


    Now taking into account that I like the way he speaks, Harvard University students made him president probably because of the way he spoke and all the people that I’ve spoken to likes the way he speak as well as the candidates, it is my conclusion that the biblical definition of the meaning of his name can apply to no other person in prophecy except Barack Obama; but let us not stop here.


    Looking at it Another Way


    Barack’s middle name is "Hussein" which is from the Semitic word, hasan, meaning "good" or "handsome."  Now since I’m a man I’m not going there but he looks aiight but the other word “good” may be to describe his character, facial features or his eloquent speaking ability.  The bottom line is, is that everything I’m getting the definition for seems to apply only to him. 


    Now let’s take it a step further, Barack is not only a Hebrew and Semitic word meaning "to bless" as a verb or "blessing" as a noun. Note: This was taken from Juan Cole’s write up but I’m paraphrasing here.  I looked up the word Semitic in my Word program and it states. 


    Semitic.  A group of languages belonging to the Afro-Asiatic family and spoken in North Africa and southwestern Asia including Hebrew, Arabic, Aramaic, Maltese, and Amharic.  Is this not where his father is from?  Well I then looked up Afro-Asian. 


    Afro-Asian a. of or having to do with Africans and Asians as a group, or with their common aspirations.  b. native or inhabitant of one of the Afro-Asian countries.


    Asian American, noun.  a person of mixed American and Asian descent.


    Caucasian,  a. relating to people who are white or of European origin b. member of the so-called white race, including the chief peoples of Europe, southwestern Asia, northern Africa, the Western Hemisphere, Australia, and New Zealand.


    Can All of These Definition Meanings Be Just a Coincidence?


    Let’s see what the scriptures say about a person being blessed.


    The Bible Dictionary Clarifies the Word Bless, Blessed


    In my bible dictionary it clearly states that God’s blessing of a person means that God bestows good gifts upon him (2 Sam 6:11, 12; Job 42:12), or declares him to be so endowed (Gen 17:20).  Eulogeo, which literally means “to speak well,” is used in the NT with essentially the same meaning as barak.  Note: It should be noted that Barack’s wife said exactly this to her husband at one point in his life because she remembered saying it when interviewed.  I think she told him something like “if you’ve been granted with gifts you ought to use it.”


    Blessing.  An advantage or benefit, generally such as conferred by God or Christ (Gen 39:5: Deut 28:8; etc.)


    Confer. 1 to talk with somebody in order to compare opinions or make a decision. Does this sound like what him and Hillary/McCain is doing now?  2. to give something such as a title, honor or favor to somebody 3. to give somebody or something a certain status (president) or characteristic.


    Hillary Nor McCain Can’t Win


    Note: If all of these coincidences are true and if God confers this gift, Hillary nor McCain can’t win and we’ll see a time of peace that is mentioned in the bible (1 Thess. 5:1-3) before our Lord returns.


    America In Prophecy


    Did Our Founding Forefathers Foresee Barack Hussein Obama in the Future?


    It should be noted that America’s slogan is “God Bless America” which can also mean according the dictionary “God (has) pronounced a blessing upon America” or God (has) spoken well of America.”  The question is did our forefathers when founding this country foresee its last good president who always speaks about them and what they wrote when campaigning when they made our slogan “God Bless America?”  I can’t prove it but this evidence is so overwhelming besides the above facts that all I can do is show you and let you decide.


    God Bless America


    Now if we go back to using the definition technique the word bless in Heb. mean barak and in Gr. the same (eulogeo) means to speak well and due to the fact that the word Semitic mean that it belongs to the Afro-Asiatic family and Barack’s middle name is "Hussein" which means "good" or "handsome” man, we can by definition alone rightfully translate the “God Bless America” slogan to say that…


    “God blessed/Barack who speaks well America”

    and he will be Semitic,

    in other words a mixed, black, good, handsome man of the Obama clan.


    Barack’s Name Alone Contradicts Rev. Wright’s Comments


    Isn’t it a strange coincidence that the comment that Obama’s pastor made about “God Damns America” is exactly the opposite of Barack’s name “God (will) Bless/ Barak (of) America.”  It’s something to think about.  This is probably why he disagrees with the comment because his belief and name totally contradicts it.


    Conditional Blessings And How It Applies


    Many of God’s blessings are conditional upon man’s obedience and cooperation (Ex. 15:26; Deut 28:1-14; etc.).  “Blessing” is also used of the act of pronouncing benefits to come upon a person or a people (Jas 3:10).  So let’s look up benefit. 


    Benefit 1. something that has a good effect or promotes well-being. 2. a regular payment made by a government agency, such as Social Security, to somebody qualified to receive it or in need of financial assistance. 3. a payment made to a claimant or entitled person by an employer, insurance company, or other institution. 4. a performance by entertainers, athletes, or others to raise money for somebody or something, especially charity.


    Using the Definition Technique Again


    If we combine the above definitions together into running sentences, Barack will be a blessing to the people of the United States as long as he stays in office and not only of the United States but to every country in the world.  Barack will start something that has a good effect and will promote the well being of the people.  He will help the elderly who needs their Social Security and the poor who will need financial assistance.  Payments will be made to claimants who are entitled by their employer, insurance company or other institutions.  He will be a jokester at heart besides an athlete (basketball player) whose campaign will be sponsored by others raising money to support him especially by charity.


    Now if this doesn’t exactly explain that it’s Barack Obama to whom God is talking about, nothing else will.


    My Final Thoughts


    My prayer is that I hope that I’m not twisting the scriptures to my own liking or destruction but the dictionary meanings clearly explain every word that I wrote, therefore it is my conclusion that this is why God did not want one word added or changed in his bible because He would later be able to show us with the help of the Holy Spirit exactly what He wants us to know and how He wanted His words to be interpreted.


    God will bless the people of America for a time through Barack who is Semitic, good, handsome and who speaks well.



    Written By


    Eric McMullen

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