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    Posted October 29, 2015 by

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    To T.A.G or not to T.A.G?

    I'm asking for your opinions...

    My daughter was tested again to be put into the gifted program at her middle school. She was tested once before, but I opted out of putting her in the o.m.e.g.a program (that's what the gifted program in her elementary was called) because she would have had to move to another school for her 5th grade year and she wanted to remain with her friends. The school counselor who gave her the test said not to worry about it because when she goes to middle school she automatically go into t.a.g (talented and gifted). Well it didn't work out that way for her. Only the existing omega kids went into tag. So Jade had to be tested again. Her test scores are high enough at 138 on the "Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children" for her to go into t.a.g...but that's not my problem.

    The problem reared it's ugly head through the test.

    When Jaden gets nervous, her brain shuts down.
    The memory part of the test had her testing almost low, which as the school psychiatrist said was unusual considering how high her other parts of the test were. It even says in the documentation given by the school's psychiatrist that Jade's scores are more likely around 142, but the memory and processing speed depressed her scores to 138. Which is still well above the 130 score you need to get into the gifted program.

    Now I've known about her nerves for a long long time. Although if you were to meet her you'd think she was your average, happy, a bit goofy, funny normal 12 yr old...that is until you see her hands. She has bitten her nails right down to the skin, and has started to gnaw at her skin itself.
    This started back when she was three.

    Her father was dying at the time. Because the surgeries deformed his face, and the effects the chemo had, had him looking like he was from a concentration camp.
    He looked like a monster to her. Not her father.
    But his family was constantly making her go to him to take pics, and of course he wanted to spend time with her, but to her three yr old brain...he was a monster. That was the first time I noticed her shutting down.

    My problem now is, if I put her into t.a.g will her nerves get even worse since more will be expected of her?
    But on the other hand, her classes now as way way way to easy for her. She got all A's on her report card...her lowest accumulative grade, which was in advanced math, was 98%.

    So do I move her into tag and hope she can handle it...or keep her where she is?

    (I'm sure the only ones who will see this are most likely the "regulars" so i put up a rent pic of Jade :) and yes she does ride now a lot. It calms her...just wish she had picked a slightly less expensive past time. ugh)
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