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    Posted October 31, 2015 by

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    MSM Is Fracturing Part 2

    I wrote for iReport site since 2008 on a daily bases. At the time of the explosion on the Gulf of Mexico's sea floor is when I left that site and stopped watching MSM. I also boycotted the 4th of July ever since Anderson 360 aired this ban on taking photos on the 1st/2nd of July, 2010 and I haven’t been back to Florida since 2009, the year before this ‘accident’ happened. (I call it willful negligence at the very least) I use to visit Florida every year.

    The reason:
    A retired general cannot suspend our rights and MSM is suppose to be The People’s watchdogs and mouthpiece against corruption of our government and outside of politics. It is our very first amendment in the Bill of Rights to have free Speech:

    1st Amendment: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

    The Bill of rights is not a list of privileges for The People. These rights are born rights that governments cannot take away. The Bill of Rights is a restraining order on our government. How could you allow the masses to believe these rights could be removed by some old retired guy and blame BP for the explosion and tell us all is fine; come visit Florida and put the 'evil BP' in a good light? It was all FOR PROFIT… your commercial times were filled were they not; showing BP in a good light?
    Who paid for those commercials? Halliburton? TransOcean? or The Taxpayer?? I’ll bet somehow We do end up paying for it all…

    When I left iReport I did it to follow the people in the Gulf region who wrote on iReport to FB to see what they were still saying on a personal level about the Gulf region since I couldn't get it where I should be able to get this information on my local news.

    This made it so I could actually see the lies all MSM news stations told about the ‘wellness’ and ‘safety’ of the Gulf region, thanks to BP commercial time. Instead of learning 'all is great' I learned sniff tests were done for the shrimp OTHER people eat. CorExit is 4 times more toxic than the oil that was coming out of the ground. The ‘oil eating bacteria (?) BP used... is starving for oil and using sea life (like seaturtles) and human skin as an alternative to the oil 'that disappeared all too soon', because all life adapts/evolves to their environment; which has created a skin eating bacteria killing people. The respiratory issues have skyrocketed. The cancers... the ailments are long; not to mention, the shrimp, crab, fishing industry...
    Let's move on; how about the Egyptian protests that was first staged by CNN? How come Egypt can have Peaceful Democratic Protests but our fellow Americans in Ferguson have to be ‘black thugs’; below animals destroying their own town? Why does provocateurs get blamed; dubbed “Mubarak Thugs” in Egypt which were described on MSM as ‘President Mubarak’s police force dressed in civilian clothing, trying to cause discord in the peaceful protests to get the army to retaliate against the Egyptian people, but in Ferguson the provocateurs are disruptors from within the protestors and to suggest provocateurs were there for the same reason as inside Egypt would not be entertained inside MSM at all?

    Answer why We are your enemy?

    Maybe then you will find your answer to why alternative news has fractured you.

    In my view these are just a few reasons… I could go on and on about 9/11, TARP, the health care laws, Boston bombing, vaccines… how you have betrayed us way too many times to count. The reason you are losing customers (commercial money) is because of these lies and manipulations of the truth. The People are turning to alternative news which means the ones with the commercial money will be going there instead of to you. You bite the hand that feeds you... and it was never BP or this government... it is Us because we tune in... not anymore. You are exposed.

    It only gets worse from here… :P
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