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    Posted October 30, 2015 by

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    Syrian military have received confirmation that the US military aid designated for so-called moderate opposition, fell into the hands of terrorists. The source from headquarters of the Army of the Arab Republic said that on the positions left by ISIL they found the same containers that the US Air Force dropped for its allies not long ago.
    The containers contained small arms, ammunition, radios and uniforms. In total United States then sent to Syria more than 50 tons of arms and ammunition, and almost immediately concerns were voiced that all this could fall into the wrong hands.
    Drops of weapons and ammunition began on October 12. The Pentagon confirmed that the transport plane C-17 dropped about 50 tons of weapons. These supplies came to replace a failed program of training and arming the Syrian military cost $ 500 million, destined to fight ISIL.
    US officials continue to assert that the supplies were obtained precisely by the one whom they were sent for. According to Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook, all supplies were delivered to Syrian Arab coalition.
    It is worth remembering that the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has recently expressed his confidence in that the US supplies of ammunition and weapons in Syria would not reach their goals. "Frankly, we do not have even a slightest doubt that at least a significant portion of these weapons will get into the hands of terrorists," - said the Russian minister.
    Analysts also do not exclude that some of this arsenal could be directed at countering Russia's military operation.
    Today, Syria has become a major confrontation springboard between the United States and Russia. For groups supported by the United States were transferred ammunition, small arms and grenades. According to information published in the media, the cargo was delivered to "friendly forces", but these "friendly forces" are actually the terrorists fighting against Assad.
    After the start of the Russian military operation on the territory of Syria, the opposition has already been given at their disposal TOWs. Now they demand from the US also anti-aircraft guns, which most likely will be used against Russian aircrafts. According to the Syrian military expert Hassan al-Hassan, any aid provided by the side opposing Syrian army, will get in the hands of terrorists. "As time has shown, everything provided by the United States, falls into the hands of terrorists and nobody else. When they talk about 50 tons of ammunitions for moderate opposition - it sounds like from the realm of fantasy, "- said al-Hassan.
    Last week, a Pentagon spokesman, Peter Cook confirmed changes in the program of assistance to the Syrian opposition. So far, the United States and other countries sponsoring the rebels feared to give them antiaircraft weapons because of the chance of falling into the hands of isil. Given that Barack Obama for about a year and a half didn’t have a clear program against ISIL, these changes can only prove the fact that for Washington it is important rather not to fight against terrorism but to confront Russia to maintain its credibility in the eyes of the international community, that has become significantly less attractive after the start of the Russian operations in Syria.
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