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    Zidan has been targeted from behind.

    throw in from the brasiian defender to duga who is in controled of the ball .he tried to drible and the ball when outside.the french team are under hard pressure. the brasilian are dorminating here in paris. the french supporters are not very happy with what is happening to le coq sportive.15minutes 11second gone. 5.5m executed by Ghanian succer star macel Desier to roland blanch who tries to move but loses control of that ball.it is one of the most determining and rewarding fifa worldcup 1998 live in paris france.joseph sepp blaster is at the stadium wwatching this encouter live in france.thousands of supporters including media men and women are picking all the actions live for the millions of sport fans and sporters in europe africa and the rest of the world.brasile are in good ball posession scramble at the 18m box ronaldo penatrating with the ball in the danger zone for baterz and he fire the shut into the pool.brasile has score and they are leading france one to zero. the south american team opened score at 30 minutes of play dymamic fordwarder ronlado.the french supporters are speechless. france is loosing at their own main stadium.the center refree blast the whistle there for pass back against the french. the french coach is up from his seats he tried to wave his left hand to the defender to climb.free kich there for the french .the ball has just touched the hand of brasile mifielder.good pass from roland blanch to thierry henry who chanelled the ball to zidan. zidan in full controle of the ball .goodmanupulation from zidan .who dribled two players with right leg.zidan ascending with the ball strong and heavy shut to the polol.goal goal zidan has score for the french team .he has equalized for france.team captain zizu in good control of the ball.french supporters and fans jubilating success from zidan.cheering up the blu for job well done.corner kick for brasile long shut from left to right and bebeto headed its outside.balance equation here at the stade de france.ball passion is arriving eqilibrium for both team.african representive has been washout. spain was too strong for morroco who couldnot resist continuos pressure from the attackline. senegal play well but runshut of energy and qickly evaporated from the tournament. the indomitable lion played well but latter corlapsed and all pack their bags and bagages to flow back home.back to the field the ball is at touch line.french midfielder in full control of the ball.goodpasses and nice distribution for france.collectivity there has risen and french is imposing to brasile.a suprising shut to by ronaldo to french pool.but the goalkeeper ponched it out.baterz there in good action to recue his tream.a very interesting football final.in france.one of the most fifa contiversial world cup.the central refree blast the whistle for corner kick in favour of the blu. goodcrossing there henry went left with the ball and back .he dribled there kick the ball.goal for the french team.who are leading here in paris.by two goals tto one.shouting for victary.joy and happiness throug out france.they areleading in stade de france.thanks to home advance and team spirite.zidan in full action there he stop the ball with the chest and penatrating wao wao zizu has done its again for france to grap the fifa goalden trophy.brasile is completly weak and subjected under defead.tear and suffering back home.team captain zidan runing with the ball goodpass recieved from henry zidan in full motion runing and controling the ball.hooooo laaaaa zidan has been swept from behind by brasile defender. zidan is rolling on the ground. too much pain from the wound at the knee level.bitter wound for zidan .who is in deep shock.and the refree shown a yellow card as sanction against brasile.free kick for le coq sportive.ooooooooooolaaaaaa the refree has just sounde the final whistle. the match has ended .the french team has won the fifa worldcup 1998. they has atomized brasile three goals to one.they are now champoint of the world. most stronggest team on earth.bravo les blu.
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