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    Posted November 10, 2015 by
    Watertown, New York
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    Why Do Republicans, Who Don't Believe In Democracy; Run For Government?

    Why do Republicans believe it's not government's job to create jobs or to do anything useful?

    That's the question that puzzles most reasonable people.
    Have you seen the current field of Republican "I hope not's"?
    None of them say they believe government is there to do anything; except...as John Fugelsang says:
    "To redistribute wealth to the upper 2%".
    Fugelsang goes on:
    "Republicans love government!
    Government is how they redistribute wealth to the upper 2%.
    What they hate is democracy.
    They don't like people voting and that's been a struggle in this country since the our founding.
    It's never been conservative vs. liberal.
    It's been aristocracy vs. democracy." -John Fugelsang
    That pretty much sums up their reasons for running for public office.
    They don't like government and so they go into government to stop democracy.
    But why do they still have so much support from the voters?

    I've been looking for an explanation for this belief by those on the right side of the political aisle and suddenly, on my post at CNN, comes this gem of wisdom: from a conservative blogger by the name 'whatrtodo'

    I wrote :"did the GOP pass any jobs bills? Oh; they don't believe government can create jobs, do they?"

    whatrtodo: "Actually, the GOP understands that the government can create jobs, but that means taxpayers must pay more to support those jobs.

    This makes creating government jobs counterproductive.
    Creating an economically friendly business environment is much more effective because the burden of supporting those jobs falls on corporations and private industry.
    This affords the opportunity to reduce and/or eliminate the deficit, our credit rating, and national debt. But Obama doesn't care about those things, does he?"

    And there in lies the problem.
    Obviously, conservatives believe it's OK to give huge tax abatements to large corporations to make creating jobs something that they will do.

    But, the tax expenditures that the conservatives give are not looked at as a cost to any of the taxpayers.
    Lost revenue is certainly a cost.
    But the conservative reason is, "Well, we wouldn't have gotten the jobs or development with out those tax breaks".

    Question: How much did those jobs cost us each and what do those jobs pay?
    PILOT programs and sales tax abatements rob the public coffers of needed revenue to do the public's work.
    So there you have it.
    The explanation makes no sense to me but if you need an excuse to give the wealthy more than the rest and hope they will create what government can not afford to do without the revenue from corporations, then we'll be waiting a long time for corporations to ever do the right thing.
    But they will take the tax break and do very little.
    Wouldn't you like a tax break?
    Well, if we stop giving them to large, rich companies, you'd have to pay less and be able to keep more of your hard earned dollars.
    But then, many vote for a party that believes that giving the money away to the wealthy corporations is the best course of action. I do not!
    My friend, Larry Corbett wrote this in response to my post about this issue on FaceBook:

    "Before the passage of civil service reforms in the 1880s, most government jobs were patronage jobs, handed out by those in power in return for favors done or purchased with bribes.
    Heck, President Garfield was assassinated by Guiteau, a "disgruntled office seeker."
    Every postmaster in the US was replaced each time that the party that held the White House changed hands.
    No matter how lowly their position, government workers knew that their job security was ever dependent on the party in power.
    Big city bosses and their political machines controlled blocs of voters with the promise of employment.

    Those folks who were perpetually shut out from government work came to view civil servants as undeserving and unqualified.

    The New Deal only intensified their scorn.
    FDR's administration created lots of opportunities for employment, mostly favoring the poor.

    These jobs were not productive in the traditional sense, rather they focused on improving the nation's infrastructure, building dams, bringing electricity to rural areas, planting trees.

    The profit was not in dollars-and-cents, but the resulting boost in development invigorated the economy tremendously.
    Still, a fairly large sector of the population, especially many in the Republican Party look at public sector jobs with deep suspicion.
    Many view private sector unions the same way, suspiciously, believing that once common practices like featherbedding drive costs up and profits down.

    They stubbornly hold onto these ideas despite the many indicators of productivity that prove otherwise, sure that unregulated capitalism can do most of the things that government does more cheaply and more efficiently.

    When given the opportunity, the anti-big-government forces hand over hospitals, prisons, even police and fire departments to a for-profit model.
    Many non-combat duties once done by military service members have been taken over by contractors and sub-contractors (like Halliburton,) at much greater expense.
    And the corporations squeeze communities for more... demanding further incentives, tax abatements, PILOT agreements, free land, free power, free water.

    A bidding war between job starved communities.
    Local governments are threatened... give in to corporate demands or watch the jobs fly away to another town, another state, ANOTHER COUNTRY.
    How do you propose to stop this practice, while keeping jobs at home?" - Larry Corbett

    Well, first, we have to educate people that public sector jobs are important. They contribute economically to our community.
    Policeman, Fireman, and teachers buy from locally owned restaurants and retail shops.
    All of us are in this together, including the public sector workers.
    Until those that support the GOP understand that their party is not supporting what is in their best interest, they will continue to vote for people who do not care what they need.
    That's why the GOP wants to cut education funding and funds to NPR.
    Educated people don't vote against their interests.
    There's nothing unpatriotic about voting for people that represent your interests.
    Rich people and large corporations support their candidates all the time.
    Why do they give millions to Republicans who refuse to pass reasonable climate change regulation?
    EPA laws cost coal companies money.
    Workers need to start thinking in the same terms.
    Look out for our own needs and stop buying the nonsense that's being offered as "policies that 'help' Americans".
    Republicans love government! So don't believe that they don't.
    They just love government for what they want government to do for those that pay them to do what they want.
    And those policies and laws don't favor you and me.

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