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    The same or a similar set of very deadly circumstances that occurred in France are very likely to occur on U.S. soil. President Obama and an inept Obama Administration have opened the flood gates for Foreign Nationals to Enter and Remain in the U.S.!




    YouTube: "Deadly wave of attacks across Paris" uploaded by CBSN, November 13, 2015.




    "Obama says Paris attacks are an assault on 'all of humanity' " by Michael A. Memoli, Los Angeles Times, November 13, 2015.


    ....All while President Barack Obama and the Obama Crap Administration open the flood gates to illegal aliens, foreign nationals, and/or terrorists to both enter and remain on U.S. soil. What a bunch of hypocrites!




    "A timeline of the Paris attacks” by Sarah Parvini, LA Times, November 14, 2015




    YouTube: "America: Obama ordered ICE to release 36,000 Criminal Illegal Aliens back on US streets (May17, 2014)"




    YouTube: "The Border Crisis- The real impact of illegal immigration.”


    The same or a similar set of very deadly circumstances that occurred in France are very likely to occur on U.S. soil, because our "Buffoonish" commander in "Chief".......no good Barack Obama and an inept Obama Administration have opened the flood gates to allow dangerous and criminal illegal aliens, foreign nationals, terrorists, etc., etc., to enter the U.S., and to remain in the U.S.


    It is certain that millions of criminal illegal aliens, foreign nationals, terrorists are "High Fiving" President Barack "illegal alien bootlicking/Puff the Magic Negro/Chicago Cutthroat" Obama for being the most treasonous, un-American U.S. President in the history of the United States of America.




    CNN i-Report: "Black Politicians, including President Barack Obama, are Judases!"




    CNN i-Report: "President Barack Obama defies Congress and the Constitution to use his executive influence to serve illegal aliens, Planned Parenthood, etc., while playing games of deceit and trashing the oath of office and the Presidency when petitioned by deserving U.S."




    You Tube: “Abortion and Black Genocide (Barack Obama and the Negro Project)” - LaneCh, 10-8-08




    CNN i-Report: "If Black lives Truly Matter, Past and Present Day Elected Black Leaders Would or Should not Be Trashing his or her Oath of Office to Serve Planned Parenthood, Illegal Aliens, Union Boss's, Wall Street and/or Subversive Organizations, etc., to Betray Blacks!"




    CNN i-Report: "Unlike DA Jackie Lacey and the LA County District Attorney’s Office contention, shameful, wrongful, un-Constitutional activity that results in unearned fines, jail time and/or both, covers much more territory than wrongfully convicted prison inmates!"




    CNN i-Report: "If not for abortion the Black population would be 36 percent larger than it is currently. Without Planned Parenthood and its partners in the Infanticide Industry, black people would be much less a minority in America! But Blame Po Po Hands Up Don't Shoot!"




    CNN i-Report: "Concerning a Dysfunctional and Treasonous Black Leadership and Typical Black Middleclass, You nailed it with the truths that you have presented, Paul McKinley, Mark Carter, Joseph Watkins and Harold “Noonie” Ward!"




    “A conversation between President Obama and the black community” Published on Jun 7, 2012 by drboycewatkins.




    CNN i-Report: "Makia Smith you definitely have more sense than many Black elected officials, black lawyers, multiple members of the Congressional Black Caucus, many Black police officers, and misguided Black nationalists! "


    What is truly baffling and alarming is that even today, after treasonous Barack Obama, and other charlatan no good Black leaders, lawyers, sacrilegious reverends have exposed his or her disgraceful hides, so many misguided U.S. born Black men, women, and children continue to idolize and pay tribute to these buffoonish charlatans.






    YouTube: "Black People Have Become too Ignorant for Me to Claim, I Need to Invent a New Race" uploaded Stacey Gear




    YouTube:  "More Likely Treason, Incompetence and Greed by Other Blacks Keep Blacks Down and not White Supremacy"




    YouTube: "Diane Watson - Race Baiting Political Whore"


    President Barack Obama, former Congresswoman Diane Watson and other elected officials, who have contempt for his or her "Oath of Office", the U.S. Constitution, etc., etc.....


    ......... may not believe or think it is possible to deport millions of illegal immigrants, but this can be accomplished, even today. Other nations around the world will not hesitate in any quest to deport the undocumented, foreign nationals, etc., etc., and have used police, military force, if necessary, to get the job done.


    Should any U.S. President and Congress use this option, if necessary, the U.S. military being the most powerful, organized, well-armed military forces in the world can and will be used to deport millions of illegal aliens from this nation.


    The illegal immigrant faction are doing all they can to get what they can while President Obama holds office, because the next President will not be as willing to promote freedoms, privileges, etc., for millions of illegal aliens, foreign nationals.....the attached anchor babies....


    ..........that President Barack Obama is consenting to...at the expense of the rights of honorably discharged U.S. Veterans, his or her voting constituency, U.S. citizens, and legal immigrants.





    Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz muscled into the immigration debate Friday with his own plan to end President Obama’s executive actions, do away with birthright citizenship and increase deportations.


    “We have a serious immigration problem in America,” Cruz said. “The American people understand that we must reverse the policies that invite criminals and terrorists to defy the law.” Establishing himself firmly in the Donald Trump wing of the party on immigration, the Texas senator’s tough approach is an overt appeal to the billionaire mogul’s conservative supporters and, perhaps just as important, a chance to differentiate himself from rival candidate Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida.


    The two have sparred for most of the week over immigration, which is quickly becoming one of the defining issues of the Republican field. Rubio has tried to recover from being portrayed as too lenient on immigration for having supported a path to citizenship for immigrants who are in the U.S. illegally. Earlier this week, he suggested that Cruz has shared similar views on expanded visa and legalization programs.


    Cruz, though, sought to put an end to any comparisons with Rubio on Friday by unveiling his own “stop illegal immigration” plan. It would beef up border security, halt the H-1B visa program popular in the tech industry and end citizenship for children born in the United States to parents in the country illegally, granted under the 14th Amendment to the Constitution.




    If President Barack Obama and other elected officials affiliated with the Democratic Party truly had good character, there would be no need for Donald Trump to run for President. Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz Ted Cruz or any other candidate with a similar platform, without regard to political party affiliation, could very well be our next U.S. President.


    In the event that this becomes a reality, and our next President actually practice what he or she has stated during his campaign for President, it will no longer be business as usual. Good Riddance Barack Obama. You won't be missed. Many U.S. citizens and legal immigrants will be celebrating when you are no longer the "Commander in Chief"

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