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    2016 Election: Spot the presidential hopefuls

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    “We Work for the American People”. President Obama has "proven himself untrustworthy on immigration"- Speaker Paul Ryan, President Barack Obama and other disgraceful elected officials are truly a Disgrace for What it Means to be an Elected Official!




    "The Speaker of the House" -CBS, 60 Minutes, November 15, 2015


    Selected comment:


    (1) President Barack Obama has "proven himself untrustworthy on immigration." - Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House....


    .......This is true, and Barack Obama is truly inept and untrustworthy in other areas as well.




    CNN I-Report: "Graduating Magna Cum Laude from Harvard Law School is not alone proof of competency."


    Selected comments:


    (2) "Leadership by the example is the way I look at it....." -Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House....


    (3) "For about a decade I've been sleeping on a cot in my office. It's very efficient to me." -Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House....




    YouTube: "America: Obama ordered ICE to release 36,000 Criminal Illegal Aliens back on US streets (May17, 2014)"




    YouTube: "The Border Crisis- The real impact of illegal immigration.”


    Selected comment:


    (4) "I think it starts with border enforcement. I think it starts with enforcing the rule of law. But you need to have a vibrant, legal immigration system. Legal immigration is America." -Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House....


    (5) "I don't agree with that. I don't agree with that. I think you could have a pathway to legal status. That's been what I have proposed in the past is a pay--a way to make amends with the law, effectively go on probation and earn your way to legal status, but not to citizenship." -Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House....


    (6) "Yeah, I've always liked that plan. And our tax code really punishes our small businesses, which is where most of our jobs come from. I mean, look, we're sitting here in Wisconsin, overseas, which to us means Lake Superior. You know, the Canadians are taxing their businesses at 15 percent. The top tax-rate on successful small businesses in America, here in Wisconsin, is 44.6 percent. How can you compete like that? How can you have jobs? How can working families get ahead with a tax system like that?" -Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House....


    (7) "Well, I'd simplify the code dramatically. I would collapse the rates down to two or three. And I would change the way we tax ourselves internationally, so businesses can take their money and bring it back home so American businesses stay American businesses. And we have to drop our rates on our businesses. I think those three things right there are what I would do." - -Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House....


    (8) "We work for the American people. That's a nice, clever question. But you know who I work for? I work for the first district from Wisconsin."-Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House....


    (9) "You have to take risks on policy. You can't be a politician, wringing your hands, worried about what the public opinion polls are saying or worried about the negative attacks. If you believe in something, go fight for it. If you think you have a good idea and a good reform and you're going to get criticized for it, do it anyway because I think that's what people in this country want to see. And so, yes, you have to be willing to lose these jobs-- meaning you have to be a political leader, willing to lose an election if you want to do what's right. That's the way the founders envisioned this in the whole first place" - Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House....




    CNN i-Report: "The Democratic Party has used the influence of Black Reverends, Pastors, etc., to win over virtually the entire Black voting electorate, to grease the palms of the sleazy and the greedy, While being of no Benefit to the Black community!"




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    CNN i-Report: "President Barack Obama defies Congress and the Constitution to use his executive influence to serve illegal aliens, Planned Parenthood, etc., while playing games of deceit and trashing the oath of office and the Presidency when petitioned by deserving U.S."




    CNN i-Report: "RE: Want to weigh in? ….10TH District Councilman Herb Wesson, and my experience…..Herb Wesson is a Liar, Deceitful, and a Disgrace to the Essence of What in means to be an elected official! "




    YouTube: Supervisor Thomas Has Contempt for His Constituents, the Law, and Truth!




    YouTube: Donald Trump FULL Press Conference with families of people killed by illegal aliens.




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    YouTube:  "More Likely Treason, Incompetence and Greed by Other Blacks Keep Blacks Down and not White Supremacy"




    YouTube: "Yvonne Burke Lives in Brentwood"



    CNN i-Report: Send the LA County DA Fraud Division After Danny Bakewell, Sr. et al. Typically, Black leaders have been Serving Themselves and not the Black Community!”


    YouTube: "Compton: Corruption, Incompetence, or Just Business As Usual?" by KCETSoCalConnected, Mar 27, 2013


    "Compton: Corruption, Incompetence, or Just Business As Usual?" March 27, 2013



    CNN i-Report: "Unsung Heroes Who Have Done More to Serve the Oppressed than Dr. Martin Luther King, the NAACP, etc."


    President Barack Obama, multiple members of the Congressional Black Caucus....AKA.....the Congressional Black Clueless.....former Congresswoman Diane Watson, Herb Wesson, Mark Ridley Thomas, and other elected officials, have contempt for his or her "Oath of Office", the U.S. Constitution, a respective State Constitution, etc., etc.....


    It is certain President Barack Obama, the Obama Administration, and the Democratic Party will be against this......In contrast the actual responsible voting public are truly grateful that politicians/elected officials/public servants like you, Speaker Paul Ryan, exist.....namely politicians/elected officials/public servants who truly respect the Oath of Office, the Constitution, who actually serve U.S. citizens and legal immigrants, elected officials who mean what they say, who get things done, who are not career public servants misusing taxpayer's money.


    It definitely won't be business as usual.






    Michael Lofton​

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