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    Posted November 17, 2015 by
    Paris, France

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    Nitro Fireguard


    Month ago I spoke with Dido Haas about my idea to write a report on Nitroglobus Gallery, the art gallery she runned together with her partner Nitro Fireguard. She offered to be my nurse, the Blue nurse of Art Blue, as I am myself due to my theatrical play CODE64 brain-dead since the Moonrezzer at LEA15 closed -- so I need a nurse to be able to come as a Blue ghost. My body is kept in cold sleep and my memory is carried by my AI, a white owl.


    Dido told me her partner is not well in RL and we shall wait a bit so I stopped to bother her with more details about my Blue nurse thing. Weeks later the talk got horrible: her SL partner had to face death. What to say on this? I told her the truth. In 2008 my SL partner, she was heading to 40, died slowly on cancer. She did not tell me, she made up some stories why she could not travel, but finally: the end, the truth. So I never met her. Real Life made an end to virtual life. In the future things might become different. Our memories digitally copied so a third person, and even a close friend may not notice any difference.


    About that future I write in rez Magazine, but for here and now, and today: Nitro Fireguard is gone. Dido had the joy to meet Nitro twice RL in Paris and this memory will be always with her. Also the uncountable hours of being together in a virtual world, creating virtual art, art you can see only in a computer using a viewer to enter such a world. So many works Nitro created. There are also some videos, machinima's as we call them. One was made for his obituary as a farewell to Nitro. The maker of the machinima is Soul Alcove. The title: Nitro Fireguard´s Second Life. You find it on youtube at https://youtu.be/VbvqpR023Ek


    About the 10 pictures (just click right on the tiny arrow to page)


    On November 15, 2015, we - friends of Nitro Fireguard and lovers of his art - came together to remember him and his art. Nitro passed away on November 7th; he died of cancer.


    Over 60 persons attended the Remembrance get together at Holtwaye (107,194,3501) to bid a farewell to Nitro Fireguard. You see the first ones are of the gathering “of us” and I will use our virtual display names, a name one can chose freely and later change as well. This fluid aspect is one of virtual worlds, but only one. The other is the strong impact that things stay longer as the biological life. So Nitro´s art and work will be kept alive by his partner Dido and friends who bought copies of his works and are proud to have them in their inventory or in their home on display.


    You see a bow of light in one of the pictures that came out of the dark suddenly like a flash of lightning. No one knows where it came from. Nitro Fireguard - you see a RL picture of him in the background with some experimental test tubes – would have liked it so don’t ask for an explanation. I am sure on this. It´s supernatural. “Just don’t turn to Blue on the Moon” he might have added.


    Visit Nitroglobus Gallery until the end of November at Nitroglobus Gallery, Costa Blanco (179, 100, 771). Then Dido might close it or reduce it in size. She has not decided until now. She needs time and she shall have time to think about the Blue nurse of Art. Maybe it turns to a new beginning in a fresh color. A nurse who keeps the life signs of a gone entity alive over time. I wish her strength.


    List of attendants:
    Yoon, Yamabushi23, WuWai Chun, Willow Raven Paine, Wayne, Tripp Nitely, Syra Hyun, Stem van Helsinki, Sina Souza, Sabbian Paine, Rose, nero, Nat Lanley, MM, Marja Geesink, Kake Broek, Jewell Wirefly, Insticta van Helsinki, ini, ferdy, Doc, Deesselle Destiny, Clytemnestra, Cerulean Optimist, BymeDarkly Cazalet, Burk Bode, Betty Tureaud, Jadeyu, Wan L., Venus Rosen, vallys Baxter, Senna Coronet, paola Mills, Naxos Loon, Mona, miu miu miu, MINA, Marie, Mandel Solano, Maloe Vansant, LOnA PLaneR, LeMelonRouge, Lascott, Karlos, JMB Balogh, Iono Allen, Holter, Elo, Duna Gant, Dido Haas, carton Bristol, Captain Sir Walter Gedenspire, Bianca Xavorin-Gedenspire, Apmel Goosson, DESY, Fordis, Thorn Arisen, WizardOz Chrome, Art Blue, Grabriel2009, Personne, Roni, ChimKami, cold Frog, Olympe, TheDove Rhode, Quan Lavender, Mistero Hifeng, Skippy B.C. Xenga and more …

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