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    Posted October 29, 2008 by
    Charleston, South Carolina
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    Republican Defined:


    1. Republican; one who subscribes to a code of ethics which mandates the only thing important is SELF. A true Republican holds steadfast to what is mine is mine and those of minority status or lower /middle income class, must be kept down and prevented from gaining any financial ground. This is necessary due to their obsessive strategy that those of color or alternative origin are not quite deserving of financial growth.


    2nd definition: A Republican's creed revels in the suppression and downfall of middle or lower income classes. Consistently, a Republican must conspire to ensure minorities are kept down using repression, racism, redlining, employment obstruction, voter registration falsehoods and all manner of illegal procedures.



    It is important to note during this economic crisis most Republicans have not felt the sting of lost wages, homes, health care benefits nor have their elaborate lifestyles been effected adversely.



    The plight of the lower and middle class Americans are of no concern to John McCain which is demonstrated by the fact that he never, every mentions this group in his speeches. And while he finds it safe to lie to his own party about his intentions of "not raising taxes", All Presidents Raise Taxes as soon as they get in office", it is a Republican's duty to stick by the falsifications and perpetuate as many right wing propaganda lies as possible. This must be accomplished in an effort to ensure their selfishness and greed are forevermore alive.



    They must be always alert to and ready to spread hate, viciousness and the knowledge that this is the tried and proven way of the Godless and Uncharitable true Republican! There is no saving grace, no redeeming characteristics of this group, only a constant awareness that the world at large is good for one thing and one thing only, their gain & profitability at any expense!



    Someone, anyone, provide a better definition... let me know where I am wrong in this description...



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