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    Vancouver, British Columbia
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    One of the World's Most Expensive & Rarest Guitar: Bob Marley's Washburn Guitar


    A story on one of the world's most expensive and rarest personal guitars that no one knows about yet but will soon. Full story can be read with clear pictures at http://www.squidoo.com/World-s-Most-Expensive-Guitar.


    We are "Different Journeys, One Destination" where you'll find legendary musician Bob Marley's rare guitar as a charity prize. Our founder Gary "Sir Johan" Karlsen III is the only person in the public domain of the entire world to have been personally given a personal guitar from Bob Marley aside from Bob's family and former band mates. Future PRESS RELEASES will be done by Mass Media Distribution.


    Washburn Guitar's CEO since 1975, Rudy Schlacher, will be making his statements in our future launch because he also knows details of the origins of Bob's guitar. We've been told by Rudy so far "that this was one of the first electric guitars Washburn ever made". Rudy actually wanted to purchase this guitar from Gary but Gary declined and Rudy has been supportive ever since.


    In Nov 21, 1979 in Vancouver, BC, CANADA, after a Bob Marley & the Wailers concert, Bob Marley gave Gary his custom made Washburn 22 fret wing series hawk solid body with a double cutaway electric guitar. Bob's custom washburn hawk with mixed traits of a washburn falcon.


    Learn more about the history of Washburn and their vintage guitars here at


    http://www.g3h.be/wings/ & http://www.matsumoku.org/models/washburn/wing/wing.html & http://www.washburn.com


    Since 1996 when Gary tried to find out the worth and value of the guitar after two of his guitars went missing, he has been offered millions of dollars for it & refused to take the money to do something greater with it where he knows Bob's looking down on him smiling. The most he was offered for the guitar was $5 million from Jamaican descent billionaire Michael Lee Chin who now is supporting DJOD. Michael also was buying the world's largest collection of Bob Marley memorabilia from Roger Steffens (the holder of the largest Bob Marley collection in the world). This guitar has been claimed by Sothebys.com New York, Hard Rock Cafe, & other professional memorabilia experts as one of the world's most expensive and rarest guitar due to the facts that this guitar is one of Bob's personal guitars and none of his other personal guitars will ever be available for grabs for the public. Therefore, making Gary's guitar from Bob the only one that is available in the entire universe. Also, this guitar has been classified by the Jamaican government as a national treasure.


    Adding on to claims by professional memorabilia experts of this guitar being one of the world's most expensive guitar:


    Are these statements from NEW YORK TIMES that:


    "At his death, the singer had sold an estimated $190 million worth of records. Ten years later, with two posthumous albums still listed on the Billboard charts, and countless bootleg versions sold throughout the third world, he is thought by many music industry experts to be a top contender for the title of biggest-selling recording artist of all time."




    Are these facts from FORBES:


    "Bob Marley has always made the list of top earning Dead Celebrities from 2001-2007. Jimi Hendrix, the famous guitarist, only made this list from 2001-2002 which speaks volumes with regards to Bob's influence and longevity to this day. To all the Jimi Hendrix fans, first of all step outside of the box for a minute. Maybe Bob isn't bigger than Hendrix in the states, but how many people live in the states? 300 million people versus 6,602,224,175 in the world! Bob is indeed a MAJOR number in history and believe it or not he is more popular worldwide and appeals to a whole variety of backgrounds and listeners."




    Are these facts from ROLLINGSTONES Magazine rating Bob Marley #11 on the 100 LIST of Greatest Artists of All Time:


    "What separates Bob Marley from so many other great songwriters? They don't know what it's like for rain to seep into their house. They wouldn't know what to do without their microwaves and stoves -- to make a fire with wood and cook their fish next to the ocean. Marley came from the poverty and injustice in Jamaica, and that manifested itself in his rebel sound. The people were his inspiration. Straight up. Like John Lennon, he brought the idea that through music, empowerment and words, you can really come up with world peace. But it's hard to compare him to other musicians, because music was just one part of what he was. He was also a humanitarian and a revolutionary. His impact on Jamaican politics was so strong, there were assassination attempts on his life. Marley was like Moses. When Moses spoke, people moved. When Marley spoke, they moved as well."




    Please note that the documents, letters, & pictures of Bob's custom Washburn Hawk Guitar in this page are watermarked in the background with the DJOD logo for legal purposes. The originals are exactly the same as presented here without the watermarked logos.

    To date, 30+ years later, this guitar is still in its mint condition with strings still loose after Bob himself gave it to Gary hand to hand.

    For security measures to date, the guitar is locked up in a secured facility where it will take Gary four signatures from different unknown individuals to access the guitar.


    Gary doesn't have a picture of Bob Marley playing this guitar for Bob played this behind closed doors and was one of Bob's precious personal guitars. If we do find one, we will gladly share it because we know pictures speak louder than words. The reason Gary has no pictures with Bob or of him playing his personal Washburn is because he treated him as a true friend, not a fan who wanted to take pictures with him and get his autograph. To Gary, Bob wasn't a celebrity. He simply saw the legend as a friend and a man who knew how to make great music. They hanged out, fixed guitars, & jammed together.


    Bob's vintage guitar has been authenticated valid and Junior Marvin from Bob Marley and the Wailers with legal proceedings witnessed and documented the exchange between Bob and Gary. Gary also has Bob's signature and Gibson guitar pick along with a handful of guitar picks given by Bob to Gary on that day of Nov. 21, 1979. Compare the authenticity of Bob's signature to Gary calling him "Gary Guitar" to the autographs auctioned off here at Christie's auction house and you'll see it's real.


    This story is quite shocking, but it's true. We simply said to ourselves,"Why not share this beautiful story and guitar amongst popular social networking sites before we make our future press releases with Mass Media Distribution?" The charities and organizations with banners on our homepage are connected to Gary and Gary has connected with each one of them. By this, it has taken him 5 years and going to connect with the right people and finally having everything in its right place devoting all of his time and energy for a great cause.



    So, in our future launch at "Different Journeys, One Destination", Bob Marley's personal custom made Washburn guitar given by Bob to Gary will be up for grabs as a charity prize for every single fan, individual, and group in the entire world. Other rare and valuable prizes will be available too. Keep it locked to DJOD.org for updates, news, & details. In Gary's words, "Please don't judge our website for its looks, its' what's inside that matters. It's under construction, so keep posted. Many thank yous for patience is truly a virtue."


    Coincidentally, Gary's high school mate at North Van high school, Bryan Adams auctioned off the world's most expensive guitar to this date where real monies were taken for the Asia tsunami relief where a fender was signed by many famous artists at a value of around $3,000,000 US. Here is the link to this story @ http://www.guitarsite.com/hotlicks/about1335.html Jimi Hendrix famous white strat fender used in the 1969 Woodstock has been rumored to have been purchased for around $2,000,000 US by Microsoft's Paul Allen (the software company's right-hand man to Bill Gates). Here is the link to this story @ http://www.musicradar.com/news/guitars/jimi-hendrix-week-i-played-jimis-woodstock-strat-178118 Eric Clapton's blackie was sold for $959,500 US. Here is the the link to this story @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blackie

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