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    Posted November 5, 2008 by
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    It’s an Election not a War.

    This is John Riolo and welcome tot my civil discourse blog. http://psychjourney_blogs.typepad.com/your_advocate_online/ Well we have a new president. Barrack Obama won in what seems a landside. My democratic liberal friends are ecstatic and practically dancing in the streets. My conservative republican friends are disheartened. It’s understandable. It was a hard fight for the candidates and their supporters on both sides. However we need to keep in mind that it was an election, a contest of ideas and not a war. In a fair election no matter which side won there are no losers as long as we remember that we are all Americans who want the same ends even if we have different views on the best means to achieve them. So to my democratic liberal friends I say, enjoy your day. But please don’t try to push an extremist liberal ideology on the rest of us. Remember that part of why the republicans lost is that for too long they tried to push their right wing conservative ideology on us. Look what happened. Most Americans are not extremists of the right or left. Push us too hard and we push back with our votes sooner or later. To my republican and conservative friends, this too shall pass. Please don’t be as silly as some liberal were when Bush got elected and talked of leaving the country. Where will you go? We are still the greatest country on the planet and will continue to be as long as we refuse to let our differences divide us beyond repair. So let’s toast our new President today. Tomorrow we may have to oppose and protest some of his policies if he goes too extreme. But that’s tomorrow. . At the end of the day, we are all Americans.
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