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    Posted November 7, 2008 by
    Columbia, South Carolina

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    Obama Represents, "It don't matter if your Black or White"



    Dear President Obama!



    First, blessings to you and your family & also I pray you get some well deserved rest; you will be totally engaged over the next four years.



    On a more personal level let me write, I am extremely proud of the millions of White Americans who voted for you.  I think you may agree to my feelings of pride and a sentiment of "I knew you could do it" fellow Americans, is this resounding in your heart as it is mine?! 



    This major vote of confidence and true belief in your ability has (at least for me), placed the majority of White Americans on a different level in my mind and soul.  Think about it, many African-Americans and other minorities of other persuasions have "white" friends who we really care about.  I don't believe there are many African-Americans who do not have white friends now a days.  If not in the work place, then at school, or in their neighborhoods, what ever.  It is a given that we, as a younger generation have learned to live together and really care for each other as well.  So for this reason, I think most African-Americans and all minorities were rooting for and praying that our White-American comrades would do the right thing and when they did, this made a big difference in how we see our relationship. 



    For me, it was the ultimate message of lets move forward together as well as an apology and/or a sign of closure for the past! 



    To this end, for the ones who still live in the surreal past and hold to the ideal that only a White Man may hold the office of President of the United States, because of all the old stereotypes...  We feel sorry for you, you will be left behind!



    On another note, in reference to the millions around the world who have expressed their complete joy in our selection of a leader for the next four years!  This is a clear indication and statement from the World at Large; they are absolutely and unconditionally tired and done with the "white man bullying style" rule exhibited by G. W. Bush and his predecessors!  Granted even though President Clinton was able to respect and approach our world opponents/allies with much more decorum than G. W. Bush, it still did not delineate from the fact, it was always a "pale face" that represented this nation of multiracial citizens. 



    Mr. Obama represents the face of America far more accurately today than any other and the world has demonstrated its approval and genuine happiness for our country for the first time EVER!  This phenomenon is due strictly to the fact that they are saying collectively, it is about time!  The stern, bullying, egotistical and fundamentally flawed statement of white is the only thing right is being dismantled.  A new representative statement highlighting our intellect and a healthy pride in country will represent our nation in the future.  This statement is being hailed as positive by countries across the world.  It is as if the world has been waiting for us to get it together and we finally have.  And we did it together.  This is why I am so proud of my fellow White-Americans and my heart loves them for all the right reasons. 



    Yes, it is true, racism still prevails and there are young racists taking the places of their fathers, however there are far more brilliant individuals who see past the bull.  As one young White-American male from Florida wrote in an email post to a news station...  "I voted for Obama because of the content of his character and not the color of his skin."  When I read this, I got goose bumps because I knew finally what was written had come to pass!  You have been elected due to your intelligence, character and substance!





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