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    Posted November 8, 2008 by
    Reykjavik, Iceland

    Mounting protests in Iceland, police pushed aside.


    A protest took place today outside the Icelandic parliament building. Motorcyclists protested in a very symbolic manner, reving their engines in tandem churning their tires till the parliament building seemed to go "up in smoke".


    Afterwards a lone protestor managed to make his way to the roof of parliament and raise the Bónus flag, Bónus is Iceland's staple grocery store whos owners have been highly controversial in the past. The act was testament to what seems to be happening in the halls of power. Iceland needs help but its not for sale.


    As the protestor tried to make his way down from the roof the police removed the ladder he had used to make his way up. By this time some of the 5000+ people (note: this is a significant number of people for a country with a population of 300.000) that had assembled outside parliament gathered at the side of the building in support of the lone protestor. Eventually the crowd pushed their way passed 2 police officers and the cities chief of police was literally backed  into a corner.


    A few people from the crowd proceeded to grab the ladder off the police and climb on top of the entrance to allow the protestor to come down. At this time a lone officer managed to climb up as well his attempt to wrestle the ladder away failed. The flag raiser eventually managed to get down as the crowd was calling for him to be let go and that "This is no time for a witch hunt" that has been the mantra of politicians in regards to who should be responsible for the collapse of the banks.

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