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    Posted November 12, 2008 by
    Marana, Arizona
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    My View of the Issues


    My feelings and ideas for the election 2008, have been a long time coming.  Speaking of the past issues of the "Good 'o' Boy system has failed us for the final and last time and the people have spoken.  Now is the time to take hold of the reins and lead this country to a better life for all American's.  The issues of "illegal's, home land security, gays / marriage and more to me are only distractions to the real issues at hand.  As a disabled veteran living nearly at or below poverty levels and a wife that just graduated a new trade school in an attempt to get some form of a job in this country, my feeling about JOBS are this.  I say any American that wants a job (move to Mexico) or one of the other countries that have all the AMERICAN jobs, thus halting the tax paid to America and the pocket liners in Washington.  This became all to evident on the ballots from the past as well as this one, when Washington asks for a raise, yet they have done nothing for this country except bankrupt it and take all I have as a lower class American.  I watched a true vietnam veteran shiver on the side of the road today.  I went to my mothers grave site and while there cleaned off nearly 14 other VETERAN grave sites that people have forgotten.  I cried, because I can barely feed my family and hold on to what little I do have, yet I don't even make enough on the VA and social security checks I get monthly.  I am blessed to have that, but millions of others like me don't have anything.  I am scolded when I tell the Veterans Administration and others that I wished I would have died in Iraq when that mortar knocked me off my feet and imbedded its shrapnel into me.  (I'M STILL WAITING FOR THAT PURPLE HEART AND BRONZE STAR THAT I WAS TOLD WAS IN THE MAIL."  Our great government at work.  Not only am I sick of the lies and deception of our government, "IF I WERE PRESIDENT" I would change everything.  Like those that support illegal's.  Don't jail them.  Just take all they have away.  Like those sympathizers in the state and local offices that intentionally give id cards, social security cards, and other items to illegal's.  Put them out on the street and see how it feels to suffer.  Don't build a fence to keep out the illegal's.  You're wasting you time, money and efforts.  Instead; turn to the prisons where we have thousands of illegal that we all are paying for to have three hot's and a cot.  Turn them away from the prisons and back over to their side.  Stop making the prisons a resort.  I once worked as a JCO for a Texas children's prison and was told directly by a child.  My parents put me in here so I could be better cared for.  I get food, health, education, and clothing.  All I have to do to stay here is mess up every now and then and when I an ready to leave, I play nice, nice.  We need to stop looking or Bin Laden.  Just find his family.  You will find him.  Simple.  Put money back into the industry not the banks.  That banks are only pocketing what they already have.  Make jobs not handouts.  Jobs like moving this country into the solar and space millennium age.  JOB: building windmills, solar plants, selling solar power.  Use what works and what we already know.  THE PEOPLE WANT THIS AND WILL PAY FOR IT!  Get a clue.  With these jobs you will have more jobs created, such as maintenance, manufacturing, installers, etc.. and the list goes on.  DON"T HIRE ILLEGAL'S.  My issues on gay marriage:  To each there own-but whatever the bible says, MARRIAGE is between a MAN and a WOMAN <PERIOD> who cares what the loop holes and other so called laws say.  Make it a final and federal law that only a man an woman can be together not same sex.  We need to stop being a country of cry babies and get a clue.  We are the rulers of the earth for god sake. The least we can do is set the example for the world if we are going to push our democratic issues and values on other countries to follow our ideals.  This thing with banks and mortgage:  Look its simple as this.  One fell down then others started to follow and faked their way our of mortgages as well as business, banks, and industries crying wolf about how much they had when they really didn't have that much to begin with.  Make them work for it and don't just make it so easy to get a handout.  Heck, if I had to hire a lawyer to get my social security as a disabled veteran the least you could do is listen to this message.  They are lying to you.  My injuries had to be documented and documented and documented and so on by so many different doctors that I nearly gave up.  It was my wife that continued the fight for me.  I guess I can say for my years of service to our country of being a five time combat veteran who still has not received a purple heart for pulling the shrapnel out of my body myself.  SAD...SO SAD!  I guess I sould say thanks.  I guess becasue I am not of the upper class, I have nothing to look forward to now do I.   As I write my novels on PTSD, the wars I have been in, the life long horrors I live with now and more, I find that not even my novels will sell.  I found out first hand that my very first novel "Diaries of a soldier, nightmares from within" was being suppressed from being sold becasue it pertained to PTSD and how to help treat it.  I wonder why that is?  I already know why, but just wanted to shed light on our fabulous system.  I lead soldiers into and out of battle yet my own country took away "my American Dream."  Thank you.   I voted.  and I hope maybe my words will be hear this time as I still wait for "my purple heart and bronze star" for my long years of service.

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