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    Posted November 13, 2008 by
    Gainesville, Georgia
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    Pain at the pump

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    Hydrogen-Gasoline Hybrid, Home Built!

    Simple Math for the "experts"* * Here's the simple math I use to stuff it in the face of "the experts" when they say we're attempting to violate the "Laws" of conservation of energy. Please feel free to use it to stuff it to them too.* * 1) The best I.C.E. is 18% efficient, 20% on a good day.* * 2) The process of brute force electrolysys today has been pushed to about 85% Faraday. Note: Based on the caloric energy available from burning Hydrogen, by using Faraday's "Law" to translate from electrical energy it is estimated that 100% efficient hydrogen electrolysis is achieved by creating somewhere between 5.5-7.5 milliliters of gas per minute per watt of energy consumed. Members of our research group have run the numbers several ways which all seem to point to around 7.0 m/m/w or mmw for short. Many of our cells have operated as high as 6mmw or roughly 85% efficient 3) The product of electrolysis is HHO which has it's own energy value, up to 85% of what we put in.* * If all we considered was the return of energy value when we inject the HHO as a suppliment to gasoline, then yes; Conservation of energy applies.* * HOWEVER!* * HHO as an additive does more than return 85% of the energy we put in to create it. It's properties enhance the slow burning gasoline, speeding up the rate of combustion, causing much more of the total combustion process to be translated into mechanical energy rather than being lost as waste heat out the tail pipe, raising the efficiency of the total system. Returning to the simple math...* * 4) Let's say we're able to translate just 10% more of the total system energy to mechanical energy. We have still not violated conservation of energy, only raised the total system efficiency to 28%. But that's an increase of 55%!!! Now deduct the energy loss of 15% to create the HHO that made this possible and you still end up with a total net gain of 40%!* * This is not rocket science. It's simple math. And it works. The reality is some are getting even more, up to 35% mechanical efficiency, 94% gain, -15% to create the HHO, 79% total net gain. That's 54 MPG on a car that started out at 30. People are doing this. It is working. The move is on and there is no stopping it.
    Back when our gas prices in NE Georgia jumped to over $5 per gallon, I decided to look into Hydrogen as an alternative fuel source. This technology has been around for around 110 years, and inventors like Stan Meyers built a Dune Buggy to run on 100% water. Water is used (Distilled, Tap...or best mixed with Baking Powder or Lye (Drain Cleaner)) with an electrical current to produce both Hydrogen and Oxygen gas (HHO). When burned, it turns back into water. Stan Meyers was poisoned in a diner, possibly murdered, shortly after he patented the device and built a working prototype. Similar designs by RAVI have been built (He has had death threats also), and also by me. No one has threatened me yet, and I will shoot back. I've built 5 prototypes this year (2008) to use both Hydrogen and Gasoline as hybrid fuel to boost my gas mileage. I have not built any for others as yet, but have been sharing the designs for free. They can't kill all of us off. Many designs are free on the internet. The best ones are the High Pressure or High Hydrogen output units. Here's a good source for information and tips from other builder's around the country: http://www.alt-nrg.org/index.html Building cost can be anywhere from $50 to $700 in materials. Very time consuming to hand build, but worth it to boost your gas mileage by as much as 45%. Scientists claim Electrolosys according to Faraday's law has a limit. Since I and other backyard inventor's never studied law....We usually beat his theory by 85%. Attached is one of my more popular videos with over 10,000 hits to date on how to balance and adjust a dual bottle system. I have Road Test and other related videos posted online, free to the public at: www.youtube.com/jwduncan69 www.myspace.com/wesduncan Who knows, if I don't get murdered like Stan did....Maybe I can get a unit to produce enough HHO gas to run my cars on 100% water and never stop at a gas pump again. No more green house gases, no more hydrocarbons, no more worries when the gas stations run dry. I have enjoyed driving past gas lines without having to refuel more than once a month. So, I'm building more High Pressure units to use on my other two cars. Now, if I could just get a Government or Private grant to help with the research and development....I think we could all benefit from this ancient technology that has been ignored. I don't hug trees, but sometimes (When they're not drinking or smokin' weed), environmentalists can make sense. If y'all want to send me donations for the projects....I would never dream of being rude and turn down the generosity! LOL, Wes Duncan, THE High Tech Redneck Comedian CNN IReporter SUPERSTAR!
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