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    Quantum of Solace - James Bond



    *Daniel Craig is back for his second round as "Bond - James Bond" in the first film of the franchise to be a sequel (It's the follow up to 2006's "Casino Royal"). *



    *The opening Bond Song is not that great, it's kind of a rap affair featuring Alicia Keys (Lets face it; they are trying to woo younger viewers now). *



    *The opening car chase scene at the beginning was one of the best on film so far, lets just say that a $600K Austin Martin DB now has major frame damage. A fight on scaffolding hanging upside down where the parties fall thru glass was equally impressive. There is a classic boat chase scene that follows, but this has been done in many of a Bond film. *



    *There are two "Bond Babes" as usual: The more evil one, she comes from the "Dark Side", and "Camille", a Bolivia cross - agent that becomes his love interest. *



    *Again, as a Bond for the "New Age", the plot and villain revolve around a "Going Green Theme", the Villain hides behind these issues - but, what he is trying to do is capture what many consider to be the next "Oil" of our generation: Water. *



    Which brings us to a girl that is found on a bed dead - because she is "drowned" in oil, so her skin can't breathe? Now this is a complete rip -off of the 1964 Bond film "Goldfinger", where a similar thing happens to a girl that is found dead on a bed from being painted from tip to top with gold, so her skin could not breathe.



    *There is an action scene where Bond and his girl are flying a large prop plane, and of coarse they out maneuver attack planes half their size (Impossible), but it was fun. The final scene in the desert basically revolves around blowing up a large building. Some of the characters from "Casino" are back, including Ms M. *I rate Bond Films as Poor, Good, and Great. This film was good, let's call it a B. There were too many action scenes and not enough "Substance".



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