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    Posted November 16, 2008 by
    reykjavik, Iceland
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    Protests in Iceland - 15. nov 2008 - video


    Another Saturday has come and gone and still the current Icelandic government is in power. Yesterday (15.nov) about 8 thousand people took the streets to protest and demand the government and heads of the Central bank of Iceland to resign now!


    The protests were peaceful and no conflights were with the police which did good job to keep the peace.





    The media in Iceland has been on the government side in their reports on the protests but after the public outcry in past week they have soften up a little but the Icelandic media is still obviously on the side of the government. Therefor foreign media is so important for the Icelandic people and in fact people have got much more information on what's going on from foreign media than the local one!





    The anger is defiantly growing and the government does little to decrease that anger, it seems that they are like headless chicken running around and not knowing what they should do.



    That's maybe not strange when we consider that the prime minister of Iceland (Geir Haarde) doesn't have courage to fire the head of the Central bank of Iceland (Davíð Oddsson). Davíð Oddsson was the prime minister here in Iceland for over 10 years and the stepped down for Geir and instead Davíð got the chairman position of the Central Bank of Iceland. Davíð education is in law not economy!





    The former biggest party Sjálfstæðisflokkurinn (The Independence Party) announced on friday (14.nov)that they will have their party congress in January 2009 instead of October 2009.



    They also announced that they have formed a committee to evaluate pro's and con's of EU membership. People find this decision offensive joke because past years pro's and con's of EU membership has been discussed and after the economy collapse EU membership is even better option than ever before.





    Iceland needs a stable currency and more wise people in control of the country. EU membership will give Iceland stable currency even though in short-term it may keep the Icelandic krona alive while Iceland is adjusting for adopt EURO as the currency of the country.





    The government also announced on friday that they had formed a package for people who can't pay their debts because of the situation were the capital of the mortgage loans just go up thousands of USD every month because of the inflation.





    However, that package is too little and too late for many people!





    People in Iceland want those people who put us in this situation out and some in prison!



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