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    Posted November 16, 2008 by
    Addison, Illinois
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    Same-sex marriage: Civil right vs. states' rights

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    I have had great gay friends and acquaintances throughout the years...I do really cherish those friends. They are loving and defintiely in touch with what is meaningful, as well were always able to make me feel so important. So as I say this, I don't want it to be confused with my lack of empathy for the gay and their needs for equal rights. Here goes...

    This land was founded by our forefathers on governing principles in line with God's. "One Nation Under God" and "In God We Trust"


    We are growing more and more into a society that finds it easier and easier to view compromise as the norm to accomodate equal rights. I am all for equal rights. But when we want to change the laws that govern this country, to accomodate an idea of what we think marriage should be, rather than what it was designed to be from the beginning that is going far.


    It's time we put a stop to the insanity. No one is trying to keep anyone from getting equal rights and for pity sakes the gays are NOT BEING DISCRIMINATED AGAINST! This is not the same as racial or sexual discrimination to me, marriage of the same gender that is.


    God created man and woman in His design. An marriage was meant for proceation, between a man and woman, Our constitution happens to define that union as such in line with it's origin. God named the first man and woman in his design of creation and marriage, Adam and Eve, NOT Adam and Steve Or Anne and Jane.


    I hope the leadership of this country will work to give gay partners their rights, but NOT COMPROMISE that which our founding fathers put into being. I hope we will continue to hold strong to these principles and allow equality but never ever compromise the creation and design of what marriage is and was, and who that includes.


    I know this isn't a politically correct message BUT I for one am not willing to compromise on principles to accomodate one's differences with what is designed by God.

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