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    Posted November 17, 2008 by
    French Lick, Indiana
    This iReport is part of an assignment:
    Are you worried about losing your job?

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    I'm right there with everyone else


    My name's Annette and I just got told that in two weeks, my job will go from 40 hours a week to 10. On top of that, I'm losing all my benefits. Which means I have no health insurance to cover my lupus. My husband and I entered a debt management program several months ago that seems to be helping us out some. We live in a poverty stricken area of Southern Indiana. The average income per family here is only 25k a year. There is no work here. We've considered trying to sell our house and move, but right now, there's 9 houses in our neighborhood that have either been abandoned or are up for sale. We are stuck where we are and desperately need help.


    There will be no gifts, no brightly wrapped packages in our home this year. We're giving ourselves the gift of paying our electric bill on time, and keeping our internet service one more month so I can keep job hunting.


    The economy stinks, I'm glad gas prices are down, for what little good that does. If you can't get a job to make the money, then you can't put the gas in the vehicle.





    Edited to add-for those of you who are bashing me for spending money on my daughter for her holiday presents, let me clafiy something. I did not do a 600.00 TOY spree like CNN is reporting. We spent money on clothes, shoes and a new winter coat my daugther desperately needed because she's growing like a WEED. Did I buy her toys, sure, what parent wouldn't? But in no way, shape or form did we spend 600.00 on a TOY spree. I believe I told the reporter we spent 600.00 TOTAL on Christmas last year. That was our entire family (Both sides) Our savings got drained due to a series of unfortunately appliance failures and vehicle problems this year, along with mounting medical costs for all the treatments I'm undergoing.



    Did I mention my roof's leaking right now? Welcome to America!


    I'd also like to state that the whole purpose of the article wasn't to tell about what we spent on Christmas last year, it was to tell the story of one American family struggling to make ends meet.



    I also want to thank all the incredibly nice people who've wished us well and have been so kind. Yes, it is hard...FOR EVERYONE right now. Not just us. CNN just picked us to show the "American" situation right now.



    I know I opened myself up to criticism by posting and being interviewed.



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