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    Kilo Kai Brings its “Take No Prisoners”™ Attitude to Arizona

    Kilo KaiTM. We Make Rum. Real Rum. Kilo Kai Brings its "Take No Prisoners"TM Attitude to Arizona Chicago, IL - Arizona residents will no longer have to cross state lines to California or Vegas in order to get their new favorite rum, Kilo Kai. The Chicago makers of Kilo Kai announced this week that the brand is now available throughout the State of Arizona, part of an ongoing nationwide expansion. Kilo Kai is now available in thousands of locations throughout California, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada and Wisconsin. As the rum rolls out statewide in Arizona, consumers can visit http://www.kilokai.com/ for a list of bars, nightclubs, as well as grocery and liquor stores where they can buy Kilo Kai. Kilo Kai has expanded because of its great taste and its decision to affiliate with music and nightlife. The brand made national headlines after it was featured in the *2008 GRAMMY® Awards Gift Bag. *Kilo Kai has sponsored numerous music events featuring artists such as The Bouncing Souls, Wu-Tang Clan, Flosstradamus, Pegboy, The Glamour, Reverend Horton Heat, The Las Vegas, Twista and The Supersuckers. The rum has developed a devoted following with its own facebook group and evangelistic bloggers. Many also read about the brand's clever promotion during the 2008 Republican National Convention in Minneapolis. Cut-out footprints appeared on bathroom floors with the Kilo Kai logo and the tag "Tap your foot if you want to hook up with Kilo Kai," a reference to the Minneapolis airport bathroom scandal featuring Idaho Republican Senator Larry Craig. [Promo Magazine] "You will hear about Kilo Kai mostly through bartenders, musicians, waiters and others connected to nightlife, culture and hospitality," said Brad Trayser, president of Apostrophe Brands, the Chicago-based Kilo Kai importer. "Kilo Kai is the rum you will drink when you have decided taste is more important. We're excited to share our great rum with our friends in Arizona." Better Tasting Rum Compared to the market leader, Chris Null of the popular online liquor review site, DrinkHacker.com, gave Kilo Kai an "A" rating and said it was "spiced the way rum ought to be. ... Kilo Kai was much smoother, with a creamy texture and a clear flavor of honey and cinnamon." Bill Jones of the music website PunkBands.com wrote, "I now have a great new choice when buying rum. (Compared to other brands) Kilo Kai tastes a hell of a lot better on its own." Theresa Carter, Chicago NBC5.com blogger and author of the popular website TheLocalTourist.com wrote, "Kilo Kai has convinced me to switch (rums) ... because it tastes good." Julie Lawrence of OnMilwaukee.com commented that Kilo Kai was "smoother ... This is a rum I'd actually consider drinking on the rocks." Kevin Kosar of popular website AlcoholReviews.com gave Kilo Kai 4 out of 5 stars. About Kilo Kai Created by three generations of master rum distillers in Curacao, Kilo Kai is a spiced rum blended with the unique flavors and scents of the Caribbean. The complexity arises in the flavors of anise, vanilla, banana, cherry, nutmeg and orange peels. Crafted with 1-year-old and 3-year-old rums, Kilo Kai is the perfect rum for aficionados and novices alike because its complexity and unique blend of flavors allows it to be mixed in a favorite cocktail or enjoyed straight. The innovative package design features real skateboard tape on the bottle and is complete with Kilo Kai's iconic logo. To learn more about Kilo Kai's "Take No Prisoners" attitude, visit http://www.kilokai.com/. Please enjoy Kilo Kai responsibly.
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