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    Posted December 9, 2008 by
    Albuqueruque, New Mexico
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    Your thoughts on 'Nevermind'

    The Time Of My Life



    Nirvana's Nevermind was at the pinnacle of my music heaven.  Although I can't say it is my favorite all time "album" (cd) it was influential beyond compare.  The song Smells Like Teen Spirit was first introduced to me by my musician boyfriend who, although could not say that they had real musical talent, was pretty impressed by their overall entertainment value.  This was enough for me, being a very impressionable teenage girl who couldn't beat a drum.  The simplicity and mockery that it clearly portrayed shows us time and again that not everything has to be complicated to be good.



    The music transitioned me from the, dare I say it, hair band "stoner" chic to the more free spirited sort of quasi hippy chic. 



    I was so angry with Kurt Cobain when I found out that he committed suicide, as I was years later when Lane Staley of Alice In Chains likely did the same.  I have no idea what life was like for them at the time of their death but for selfish reasons, I felt that they owed us more.



    Although I don't often like to tell my age, that has never stopped me from telling stories of being a part of the excitement that Nirvana's music brought to the music scene.  It's like I forget that people can do the math when I start telling them my stories of music blaring, dressing like a slob and all around laziness.    Sarcastically, I think maybe they are to blame for the obesity in this country.



    I don't know if it's my age at the time or if I just got lucky but I truly believe that Nirvana, its predecessors and like bands of that time will forever be thought, to me, to be the best and most influential music of my life.  I know that everyone who loves music can say that about the music of their prime.  So, I guess I would agree with others who would say that Nirvana was great for many and meant nothing to others; it's just a matter of timing.



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