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    long beach, California
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    Blagojevich removed from office

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    Where was Soledad? CNN is Racist!



    Where was the CNN house Negress, Soledad O'brien,  to do a "special investigative report" on Illinois like what she does on New Orleans?  She ignores the mostly white corrupt areas of Louisiana and just focuses on the ONE black area in her "One Crime at a Time" special on Nawlins.



    She accused people of corruption and crime without any evidence during this whack special but whites aren't corrupt until they are caught on tape with a high mile mountain of evidence and even then-it isn't made into an expose special!













    This is why CNN is racist.  They criticize , analyze and expose-every chance that they get, when it comes to blacks but all of this corruption, organize crime, police abuse, homeless abuse, political crookedness in Illinois and Chicago was ignored?















      A Gov. is in jail and another one is on the way to jail from Illinois, crime and organize crime has been rising for years to levels not seen since the 1930's in that state but these stories and news reports aren't reported until they absolutely have to speak on it.



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