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    The So-Called America's #1 Black Owned Newspaper the Los Angeles Sentinel is a Yellow Journal!

    "Squatters Arrested at Courthouse Los Angeles Sentinel Newspaper, February 19, 1976 Leon and Esther Lofton say they've faced legal trouble time and time again during their 19 years in California, so being evicted from a downtown hotel and getting arrested for squatting in the county courthouse is nothing new. The Loftons and the two eldest of their eight children, who set up camp in the courthouse lobby Feb. 10, were arrested Feb. 11 when they refused to leave, claiming they had no place to go. "I will not send my children to their deaths on the streets of Los Angeles." Mrs. Lofton, 49, tearfully maintained. Police then booked Lofton, 50, his wife, their son, Michael, 22, and daughter Verna, 19, on suspicion of loitering. Four young children-Darryl, 16; Tracy, 14; Gena, 9 and Heather, 2- were turned over to juvenile authorities. Two other young children were not involved in the sit in and escaped legal entanglements. Police also confiscated the family's possessions, stored in a half-dozen cartons, pending further developments. The Loftons went to the courthouse Feb. 10 in an effort to overturn their eviction from the Clark Hotel earlier that day. Judge William Hogoboom said the next day he could not reverse the court-ordered eviction, but told the Loftons they could appeal. The couple, both trained as teachers, said their troubles began when they came to California in 1957 and Lofton could not find any work. His wife was employed for one year as a substitute, but lost her job in 1958. Five years later, the couple kept three of their children out of school, contending they could teach them themselves, and a judge fined them $10 apiece for each truant child. The entire family moved into the Police Dept. headquarters in 1965, claiming they had no place else to go. Officers decided not to arrest them, however, and turned them over to the Salvation Army instead. Still unemployed in 1967, the Loftons sued the city school district for alleged deprivation of their right to work. They lost, and one of the requests last week was for the judge to reopen that case." ************************************ (To date no named author or byline as to who employed by the Sentinel authored this false information) No one from the Sentinel was on site to witness any of the occurrences involving the unlawful arrest of the Lofton family. Upon being released from jail, people in the community who saw the arrest via the media, because this was televised, stated that news reporter Fred Anderson, from channel 7, eyewitness news covered the arrest . The information gathered by Fred Anderson, for channel 7, was very different from the false information as published by the Los Angeles Sentinel newspaper. Contrary to the false information published by the Los Angeles Sentinel, my Dad, Mom, sister Verna, and I, were arrested for "trespass" on the Superior Court Bldg., 111 N. Hill St., here in Los Angeles, during open to the general public hours, on February 11, 1976. Los Angeles County Security officer, Sergeant Roddy, who is also Black, made a private citizen's arrest while on duty for the County as a security officer. After spending three days in jail, there was no court arraignment, and not a one of us, was faced by our accuser, the accuser being, Sergeant Roddy. This is yet one more travesty of injustice in Los Angeles, namely to arrest my parents, sister, and I for trespass, during normal open to the general public hours. Contrary to the Los Angeles Sentinel we had good reason to be at the court house, because we had important issues before the Los Angeles Superior court like so many other individuals, who were also present for court business. If this arrest were valid, the actions of Sergeant Roddy to arrest for trespass, would apply to anyone from the general public in the lobby, during the interim between 9AM and 4PM, Monday through Friday, during normal open to the general public hours. There was no court arraignment to justify this arrest, because the arrest was un-American, unjustified, and illegal. The United Way, through a senior official, United Way Executive Sam "the Whimp" Winston, who is also Black, covered the tab of our stay at the Clark Hotel, with the goal of making it of public concern to resolve Los Angeles Superior Court case #C895188. During the interim Sam "the Whimp" Winston had a conversation with his wife, such that he believed he and/or his family would be punished for stepping up to the plate to bring closure to Los Angeles Superior Court case #895188. When former United Way Executive Sam "the Whimp"Winston backed down, the United Way had to leave too. To date the "yellow journal" in the Los Angeles Sentinel, has yet to publish the truth, apologize, or retract the false information as published by the Sentinel, the largest Black owned worthless newspaper on the planet. Los Angeles Superior Court case #895188, which involves serious violation of civil rights through Fraud, Collusion, and Manifest Abuse of Discretion, still pends. Ron Apperson, the defense attorney for the Los Angeles Unified School district, admitted guilt to each and every allegation. Judge Donald Wright has awarded judgment to the Lofton family. Execution and enforcement of the judgment is long overdue. The key individuals who have blocked redress here, are in fact treasonous Black lawyers, and no good deceitful elected Black leaders who hold office over the jurisdiction where the atrocities of government occured. Typically all the elected Black leaders, Black lawyers, have betrayed or committed affinity fraud, to deny redress for the wrongs of a government seriously gone awry, within the Black community. Sincerely, Michael Lofton
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