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    Posted December 31, 2008 by
    yellowstone, Montana
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    Ominous Increase in Water Flow from Frozen Yellowstone Lake, 6th Day of Tremors Below Lake


    The current situation at the Yellowstone Super Volcano is playing out along almost the same general plot line as the 2005 made for TV action thriller movie Supervolcano about an eruption at Yellowstone.  The problem is this is real.  In the movie the USGS and Federal Government could not come to grips with the shear level or potential of the disaster. (Katrina x10,000)  In the end they buried their collective heads in the sand until it was too late to make any constructive preparations.


    Today just like in the movie we get snippets of information from the team monitoring the situation at Yellowstone saying this is a different from any events they have seen at Yellowstone before and they are not sure what is causing it.  



    The facts:



    The tremor swarm is still going on for the 6th day.  It will sometimes calm for a few hours but as soon as you think it is over the seismographs yet again start beating out a tempo of small tremors.  And when coupled with other disturbing signs such as an increase in water flow from the frozen Yellowstone Lake directly above the tremors we know that the ground has become restless.  Something is undeniably happening at Yellowstone.



    Do a web search on Yellowstone and you will see a pattern of concern over the last several years at new and different events have happened and sometimes baffled scientists.  All of the events when taken as a whole could point to something happening at Yellowstone.



    The fact is now something is happening; earthquake swarms of this size and duration at known volcanoes often precede events at those volcanoes.  .  



    A great quote from the movie Supervolcano was made by Michael Riley playing the role of  Richard ‘Rick' Lieberman



    "When Mt. Vesuvius erupted, the people of Pompeii stayed in their homes, how do we know that Ken?"







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