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    Los Angeles, California

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    Black leaders Disregard for Constitutional Protections Make for a Dysfunctional Black community!

    *More so than not, the treason and incompetence of elected black leaders*, black lawyers, black journalists, and the black middleclass, have shown blatant disregard for the mandated State and Federal Constitutional protections of law abiding Black people, who are U.S. citizens by birthright . This activity is keeping the black community in poverty, chaos, crime infested, unrepresented, misrepresented, and this is denying the American Dream to law abiding black people, who are citizens by birthright.. It has failed to register with this misfit set, using Constitutional protections to hold a municipality accountable for multiple mega buck claims in damages, for the atrocities of police officers, unethical and criminal government officials, and/or others targeting innocent Black men, women, their offspring, and/or others, blatant disregard for the lawful rights of the law abiding in most any black community, would quickly come to a halt. *The many claims that resulted from the "rampart scandal" has done more to stop police abuses, blatant violation of the lawful rights of innocent citizens,
  • than any racial profiling bill, any "million person" march in civil protest, etc., etc. The loss of assets of taxpayer's dollars in Los Angeles city revenue to pay multiple mega bucks in damages, has made for major reforms in the LAPD, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, etc., etc. "Money talks and B.S. walks, meaning the substantial loss of assets talks, and the B.S. of "racial profiling or marching" walks!
  • By and large the taxpayers will not sit quietly, while their tax dollars are being used to pay off civil claims, while the atrocities of government continue. Heads will roll, police officers who are responsible for killing or maiming the innocent are prosecuted, police chiefs make for change in the police department, incompetent doctors, nurses, hospital administrators, and/or elected officials become responsible or face a recall, being replaced, etc., etc. ......innocent young Black men, women, and/or minors so violated, and/or others are justified in their anger. Instead of "Rioting" to show their disgust and anger, by destroying the property of others, a better move would be to hold their elected officials accountable. The President, Congresspersons, Senators, Governors, *County Board of Supervisors, Mayors, City Council persons, Judges, Lawyers*, etc., etc., are sworn under oath to respect the Constitutional rights of the law abiding. *Racial profiling is not a Constitutional protection, and slim chance exists where racial profiling legislation and/or the execution of any worthless racial profiling bill will bring redress to any victim or victims violated by the atrocities of government.
  • If this type of activity were to occur in any Caucasian community, such that the lawful rights of innocent Caucasians were egregiously violated on par with what commonly occurs in the Black community, at the very least, Caucasian lawyers, and/or their elected officials would take necessary steps to bring substantial exemplary and punitive damages in civil redress to any law abiding Caucasian citizen so violated. ....and should government officials fail to take corrective action, slim chance exists to where they would remain in elected office, or continue to serve the public, at the public's expense. .....and at the extreme end, Caucasians would take up arms or rebel against tyrannical and despotic government officials, like they did during the "Boston Tea Party", the American Revolutionary War, so much so, that in comparison, the "Watts Riot of 1965, the Los Angeles County Riot of 1992, and/or any rioting in Oakland", would seem insignificant, "like shooting a pea shooter", as to the extent of "fire power" Caucasians would use to protect their lawful rights from the atrocities of a government, seriously gone awry. Typically, the Black community has not evolved to place value in the meaning of Constitutional protections, and/or value in the many sacrifices of honorably discharged Black war veterans to serve, protect, and defend the principles for which this nation stands! ......More on this reality
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