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    Posted May 4, 2008 by
    DAVIE, Florida
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    Israel at 60

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    Israel (5768) celebrates Modern State (Israel@60)




    May 4th, 2008 | Nova Southeastern University, Davie, Florida.


    I want to remember all my readers that the count on the Jewish calendar stands at 5768 years and the modern state of Israel stands at only 60 years young.


    Tens of thousands of South Florida Jewish resident, tourist and local gathered on the campus of Nova Southeastern University, in University Drive, in Davie, for this meeting and celebration.


    The event was hosted NOVA Southeastern University and made possible by big sponsors as Bank of America, Ted Bernstein and small vendor kiosks; all the space was full with joy, smiles, families, friends, children, information, rides, typical food, art, trades displays, market place and music, under a blue sky of an authentic Florida's beach-day.


    Everyone had a blue & white Israeli flag. For a few hours everyone had fun, enjoy themself , meet friends and all forgot the real estate market crunch, the rising gasoline/Diesel prices, inflation and the tense situation in the Middle East.


    We have to admire so many achievements, by so few people, in such a short period.


    For being only 60 years young, Israel had to absorb many of the traumatized Jewish prisoners of the Nazi concentrations camps, construct a modern secular society from scratch and under fire from its neighbors.


    Israel is a full democratic country, with a clear separation of state and religion (where all religions are respected), with 3 branches of power independently administrated, built solid institutions, a modern army (where a young men have to serve for 3 years and a young woman for 2 years), one of the finest in the world, survive numberless terrorist attacks, win six major regional wars against many adversaries, have one the best educations systems in the world, file for more patents p/capia than any country on the world, revive an ancient language (Hebrew), the World, build a garden on a deserted lands, not only be self sufficient on food but export, be a major player on high-tech, water industry, advance agriculture, solar industry, military technology, aircraft industry, medicine and advance technologies, launch advanced satellite, be the biggest world center for diamond processing, and many other positive disciplines, that are so appreciated worldwide.


    I have to mention the remark of British Prime Minister Gordon Brown who has called Israel one of the "greatest achievements" of the 20th century.





    3 Iyar 5768, Thursday, May 8, 2008



    Yom Ha'atzmaut celebrations are held on accordingly to the Jewish calendar, 3 Iyar 5768,



    State and Independence were declared, on May 14th, 1948 when David Ben-Gurion and Provisional Government proclaimed and signed the Declaration of Independence, in Tel Aviv..



    A traditional torch-lighting ceremony on Mount Herzl (Hero's Cemetery) on Wednesday night and the awards of the Israel Prizes (the highest prize in Israel) in Jerusalem are accustomed in this period of the year.






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