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    Posted May 5, 2008 by
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    Remembering the fallen

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    He Was Killed on Memorial Day 2007 - An Open Letter To President Bush


    An Open Letter To President Bush:


    My nephew, Lt. Keith Heidtman, was killed in Iraq on Memorial Day 2007 when the helicopter he was flying took on heavy enemy fire and crashed just north of Baghdad He left behind a loving mother, father, stepfather, sister, long-time girlfriend and scores of friends and other family members.

    Keith was a soldier. He went where he was ordered and he did what he was asked. He did willingly and honorably and was an American hero in the truest sense of the words. Yet, he was in a war propagated by deceit and a misuse of authority - your authority Mr. President. 


    As Commander-in-Chief you have had at your service some of the finest and bravest troops in world, but you have failed in your obligation to lead them judiciously.


    After 9/11 you had overwhelming worldwide support in what should have amounted to a creditable attack on terrorism around the globe. Instead you have soiled the memories of those who died that day in New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania by pursuing a personal agenda. Your drive to get into Iraq and remove Saddam Hussien has only served to sidetrack the legitimate War on Terror, to squander valuable American resources, to dismantle American diplomacy and, worst of all, has cost the lives of over 4000 American men and women you chose to put in harms way.


    Where is your sense of honor and shame? How many more kids have to die because you can't admit to your mistakes?


    It is the average citizen that has done most of the fighting, dying, suffering and mourning in this war. It is the average citizen that you have failed to represent fairly, honestly and compassionately.


    Mr. President, your Oath of Office has been a sham. Do you even remember twice swearing to the best of your ability to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States?


    During your tenure you have used the Office of the President mostly for personal gain. You lied to Congress and the American public regarding the purposes for invading Iraq; you've conducted illegal wietaps of American citizens; you've used torture against prisoners of war in direct violation of the Geneva Convention; you've held people prisoner without charging them or providing for legal representation. The list continues to grow and your support in this country continues to dwindle.


    Mr. President, in your zeal to find and punish those who would seek to do damage to United States, have you ever tried looking in the mirror?


    My family, like well over 4000 other American families, has had their hearts torn to shreds. Keith and the rest of these brave men and women made the ultimate sacrifice for their country which is an honorable and heroic deed. Yet, they were also let down by the leaders of this country who have served less than honorably.


    Mr. President, you once said that you're "the decider," but it has been the American people that have had to pay for your erroneous decision making.. The price has been way too steep.                                                                               

    Keith, You will live in our hearts forever.


    Tim O'Brien




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