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    Posted January 22, 2009 by
    Alexandria, Virginia
    This iReport is part of an assignment:
    Show us your vintage Macs

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    my retro Macintosh collection



    I wanted to provide several images for your use, if yoiu see fit, from my collection.



    I purchased my first Macintosh (an original Mac 128) in 1985.  Since then I have owned 14 Macs plus a Lisa 2 (which preceeded the Macintosh). I've had many other machines as well, however.






    I wanted to provide a brief description of the 10 attached files.  I will do so by filename.



    mac128.jpg -- a photo of an original Macintosh I acquired several years ago



    mac128_badge.jpg -- a badge showing the name "Macintosh" (as opposed to "Macintosh 128k", which was a later badge for units that came after the Mac 512k debuted)



    mac_plus.jpg -- my Macintosh Plus system which I use at least once or twice a week



    mac_plus_lisa.jpg -- another shot of my Macintosh Plus, sitting between my Lisa 2 and my Amiga 2000



    retro_panorama.jpg -- my "Byte Cellar" or computer room in the basement.  There is a Quicktime VR rendition of that photo here: http://www.bytecellar.com/qtvr.html



    mac_keyboards.jpg -- Macintosh Plus keyboard vs. Apple's new, current flat design



    lisa_macbookpro_next.jpg -- A generational shot. My NeXTstation Turbo Color, Lisa 2, and MacBook Pro (running OPENSTEP, an evolution of NEXTSTEP and the precursor to Mac OS X)



    picasso_mac_poster.jpg -- My prized Apple "Picasso" logo poster



    mac_plus_upgrade.jpg -- Upgrading my Mac Plus to 4MB of RAM (originally had 1MB)



    blue_white_G3.jpg -- an old but much more modern Mac, a Power Mac G3 tower with dual screens purchased in 1999.



    All of these pictures can be found in the fairly well categorized "Geek" gallery in my Flickr collecrtion, with many more pictures of these particular machines.  See:






    Feel free to use any of these that you like.  I'd appreciate an email letting me know that they are being used if you chose to make use of any of them.  Contact me for further details on any of these, if you like.



    Also see my vintage computer blog:






    I also run http://toucharcade.com with Arnold Kim of MacRumors.com.  Thanks!



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