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    Los Angeles, California

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    The Black Middleclass and Their Bonanza of La La Land Fairy Tales!

    *The Truth wins hands down
  • vs.
  • Black Middleclass B.S., Bull Crap! *"America has often viewed the black family through the prism of its pathologies: single-family homes, absentee fathers, out of wedlock children, they say. Or they've turned to the black family for comic relief in television shows such as "Good Times" in the '70s or today's "House of Payne."
  • *But a black first family changes that script, some say. A global audience will now be fed images of a highly educated,
  • loving and photogenic black family living in the White House for the next four years -- and it can't go off the air like "The Cosby Show."* ....bull crap because far too many of the so-called university educated in the Black community as it relates to social workers, *elected officials*, preachers, probation officers, lawyers, preachers, *journalists*, nurses, doctors, hospital administrators, etc., *have contributed to the destruction of the traditional Black family, aided and abetted in the unlawful penal incarceration of the innocent, stolen from, maimed, killed, and cheated the Black community out of its just due.* America is not wrong, and the honorable *U.S. Senator Patrick Moynihan is telling the truth*. The Black family and the Black community is in worse shape than ever, namely because of its own record of heading in the wrong direction, led in the wrong direction by its own misfit leadership! *"Everybody acknowledges that incarceration rates among young black males are much higher than among whites or Hispanics. An August 2003 Bureau of Justice Statistics analysis shows that 32 percent of black males born in 2001 can expect to spend time in prison over the course of their lifetime. That is up from 13.4 percent in 1974 and 29.4 percent in 1991. By contrast, 17.2 percent of Hispanics and 5.9 percent of whites born in 2001 are likely to end up in prison." By Michael Dobbs, the fact checker.
  • ........It remains to be seen as to what real value
  • President Barack Obama will be to set a good example for others, because *President Barack Obama places more value in the rights of illegal immigrants, subversives, and terrorists*, than in the lawful rights of law abiding U.S. citizens. .......mind you that misfit Black middleclass, and *deceitful no good elected Black leaders are the problem*. These misfits keep the Black community in poverty, are truly unethical, treasonous, many times criminal themselves, and disgraceful. In *many cases these very treasonous individuals, perform the bidding of the "KKK", without any influence or participation on the part of the KKK!
  • The Black community is part of this Republic in name only!
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